Tech buffs have a new device to look forward to - the AsusPro B9940 notebook, which the company claims is the lightest Windows 10 laptop in the world.

On Wednesday, Jan. 4, 2017, at the ongoing CES 2017 event in Las Vegas, Asus took the wraps off the AsusPro B9940, which is poised to throw the gauntlet to other business-oriented notebooks in the tech space

With its compact and sleek design, the Asus device packs in many high-end features and could potentially be a game changer in the notebook segment.

 "ASUSPRO B9440 is the world's lightest 14-inch business notebook. Designed for discerning on-the-go professionals and weighing just 1kg, B9440 has an ultra-compact design with a footprint no larger than many 13-inch notebooks, making it the ultimate take-anywhere notebook for business productivity.", per the company.

The notebook sports a 14-inch FHD screen, with an anti-glare coating, and is powered by a Seventh-Gen Intel Core i5/i7 Kaby Lake processor. It offers 512GB storage capacity, as well as 8GB or 16GB memory. The AsusPro B9940, lives up to the company's assertions of being lightweight and weighs a meager 2.31 lbs.

The latest Asus notebook offering, also houses a 4-cell 48W Li-polymer battery. It runs on the Windows 10/Windows 10 Pro operating system and the notebook's robust specs could make it a force to be reckoned with. The device has no ethernet or VGA ports. Users eyeing this device will need to contend with two Type-C USB ports.

What Makes The Notebook Lightweight?

The AsusPro B9940's paltry weight can be attributed to its metal chassis made from magnesium alloy, a sturdy metal which is lightweight, which makes the notebook a lot less bulky and sleek. The thin bezels at the edges of the screen also contribute to its light weight.

A stand out feature is the notebook's tilted ergonomic keyboard. This innovation makes it easier to type , especially while traveling and could very well be hailed as a blessing by those constantly on the move, as the feature makes the notebook ultra-portable.

"Like all ASUSPRO business notebooks, B9440 is designed to exceed military-grade durability standards. It also passes our extra-strict ASUSPRO reliability standards, undergoing a series of tough torture tests to ensure dependable operation in any environment," revealed Asus.

What Is The Battery Support Offered?

Asus claims that the device's battery can offer support for a maximum of 10 hours of usage.


The notebook targeted at business users will start from $999 and will hit the U.S. shelves in May 2017. Asus, however, has not divulged an exact date of release.

Asus has launched a featherweight in the heavyweight category, which may just deliver the knockout punch to many competitors in the field. Will consumers take a shine to the AsusPro B9940 when it releases? We can only wait and watch.

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