Snapchat Makes Finding Friends, Groups, And Stories Easier With A Universal Search Bar


With all the new features getting introduced into the Snapchat platform, users will naturally find it more and more challenging to find specific information that they want. Snapchat has rolled out a new feature last Jan. 12 that could potentially address this dilemma.

New Snapchat Universal Search Bar

The latest update, first spotted by TechCrunch, introduces a persistent search bar that can crawl friends, publishers, groups, filters, and Stories, among others. The goal is to make it easier and faster to find the content and functions that the users want.

While the change may look simple and unnoticeable, the significance is worth-noting. The reason is that the search bar will now serve as a jumping pad to services important to specific users.

If you enter a name or a phrase in the search box, which is present in all Snapchat windows, it will offer suggestions that will allow users to head to a contact's messages or to a specific Story.

It guarantees that the user is never lost in the convoluted Snapchat world. If one wants to go back to previous content, for instance, he can just use Search instead of wading back to previous panels. This task is particularly troublesome due to Snapchat's unique navigation system, which largely rely on a user's familiarity with swapping around.

Snapchat Monetization

Aside from the improvement to usability, there are sources who expect that the new universal search bar will provide Snapchat another source of advertising revenue.

Following the Google search engine advertising model, the company could also ask businesses to pay so that their content will surface on top of search results. If this is implemented, then Snapchat will have another value proposition for investors once it goes public this year.

It will also encourage businesses to produce more content. This was pointed out by Venture Beat, which noted how companies such as Disney are creating shows for Snapchat but that it is challenging to find where it is in the platform.

Other Snapchat Features

Aside from the new search bar, Snapchat has also introduced key changes that include the ability to get to your profile from anywhere in the app just by tapping the Bitmoji icon.

There is also the capability to contribute to the Our Story section through the so-called always-on, global Geofence. This is the curated Snapchat content wherein user posts are selected and integrated into a slideshow to commemorate trends, events, and holidays.

The update is currently available to a select number of Android users. The company has promised its full roll out in the coming days.

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