YouTube believes in letting its fans broadcast themselves. This New Year, YouTube has some great news!

While trying to help creators share their stories and build relationships with their followers, YouTube has launched Super Chat.

"Today, we are introducing our latest tool for fans and creators to connect with one another during live streams: Super Chat," noted the company in a post on Jan. 12.

YouTube has released several tools that have garnered ample popularity and enabled the creators to monetize the videos and create live streams in a variety of ways. With YouTube livestreaming activities, content creators can explore more options that will interest them. The fans too get an opportunity to connect with their favorite personality through Super Chat.

By bidding adieu to the old version of chatting named Fan Funding, which was based on similar goals, YouTube looks forward to fans appreciating the creative teams' innovative goals.

Super Chat: Features

Super Chat is an initiative that aims at assisting creators earn more revenues while connecting with their fans during live streams. It is reminiscent of the streaming site Twitch's Cheering feature, which enabled viewers to invest money to have their messages stand out and get highlighted through bright and colorful animated icons. In this way, their comments would get pinned on the stream.

Unlike Twitch, Super Chat engages a different mode of implementation, but its goal is the same. This becomes one of the prospective ways of earning revenues in exchange for the attention that is being provided on this social media platform.

So How Does It Work?

The ones watching the live stream can purchase a Super Chat by clicking on the dollar sign inside a live chat. The Super Chat gives the buyer a highlighted message in the stream section that will catch the attention of the creator while streaming through the options.

The entire mode of functioning depends on the how much money has been spent. The Super Chat will remain in the top position of the chat stream for nearly five hours at a stretch.

The color used for highlighting will depend on how much money has been put. Along with it, a countdown time tracker will be provided, and a Super Chat can be taken down before time expires.

Is It Available Now?

Only a small number of creators such as iHasCupquake, Great Library, and Alex Wassabi have availed the feature. The company estimates that by Jan. 31, the number of creators will increase from 20 to 40 countries.

With an increase in the subscription base, the initiative will reach its desired goal. The more the support that comes in, the better it will get.

Super Chat is available for all Android users who can explore the interesting features offered to them. YouTube is also planning to take up iOS support in the upcoming launch.

Photo: Rego Korosi | Flickr

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