Donald Trump may have replaced his old Android handset with a more secure device, but it probably didn't have his portrait on the back.

Caviar, a Russian company, is offering a gold-plated iPhone 7 with either Trump's or Vladimir Putin's portrait embossed on it.

As previously reported, some of the most secure handsets which may have been considered by President Trump included the Blackphone 2 and Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, along with the iPhone — President Obama's smartphone of choice. Alas, Caviar's iPhone wasn't on the list.

Gold Plated iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 customized by Caviar includes either Trump's or Putin's portrait embossed along with each of the country's coat of arms and the first two lines of the American and Russian national anthems.

The gold-plated iPhone 7 (with 32 GB of internal storage) from Caviar makes it one of the most expensive mobile phones available in the market.

The pricey Caviar iPhone 7 is presented in a premium wooden box in a bid to lure more customers. Caviar is planning to introduce a globe-shaped box for the gold-plated iPhone 7, which will make it more attractive.

Although the Russian company is not leaving any stone unturned with its customized iPhone 7, customers have to splash RUB 399,000 (or about $6,659) if they want to buy both the Trump and Putin portrait embossed iPhone 7. However, customers can also purchase individual handsets at a price tag of RUB 199,000 (roughly $3,313).

Apart from the customized iPhone 7, Caviar is also offering gold-colored docking stations that would be a perfect match for the gold-plated iPhone 7.

Caviar is also selling customized versions of the iPhone 7 Plus but Trump's portrait is yet to make its way to the bigger handset.

iPhone 7 Price And Color Options

It is worth noting that the iPhone 7 is available with three internal storage options: 32 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB. The cost of the regular non-gold plated 32 GB variant is $649, while the top model costs $849.

With Caviar offering the gold-plated iPhone 7 at a hefty price tag, customers would have hoped to receive the 256 GB version of the mobile phone.

Apple is currently selling the iPhone 7 in five color options: silver, gold, rose gold, black and jet black.

iPhones are considered one of the most expensive smartphones available in the market. It is unlikely that a premium price of the gold-plated iPhone 7 would attract many iFans. However, it would be of interest to those who can spend a lot of money on a handset and want to stand out from the crowd.

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