Some of us have no shame in dancing, while others are more reserved, especially when the camera is rolling. But when T.I.'s song "Where They At Doe" comes on, it doesn't matter if you're in the club or sitting behind the news desk—you just dance.

During a commercial break while taping a broadcast in October, local news anchor Dan Thorn at the West Virginia Fox affiliate station showed off his smooth moves, jamming out to T.I. the same way we all want to.

This video will be the best thing you see today.

Thorn mouths the repeated lyrics, even dancing with two iPads as he waves them in the air like he just doesn't care. The cameraman hilariously zooms in and out during the music video, catching his dance moves and priceless expressions from multiple angles.

But we all want to ask co-anchor Sarah Pisciuneri one thing, "Where you at doe?"

In juxtaposition to Thorn, Pisciuneri looks stiff and refuses to join in on the fun. She tries to ignore Thorn, looking at her computer and nervously fixes her hair. "I can't dance on camera," she says. She was able to crack a smile or two while watching her hilarious co-anchor.

But Thorn knew just how to let his uptight co-anchor let loose.

Dubbed the "real Ron Burgundy" by one YouTube user, Thorn released another dance video, this time to Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off." Reminiscent of the viral "Harlem Shake" videos, Thorn is seen dancing out the lyrics (with the best jazz hands ever seen), while Pisciuneri distractedly looks at her iPad, drinks and again, fixes her hair.

But none can resist the power of his dance moves. Thorn finally gets Pisciuneri to shake it off, even managing to get her to let out a small laugh.

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