Tech Times has reported an overview of U.S. President Donald Trump's actions in his first week as chief executive and how his E.O., with extreme vetting measures against Muslim immigrants, has been contested by lawmakers, politicians, the media, and civilians for its unconstitutional nature.

President Trump has already left a negative impression on many people both in the U.S. and around the world but, after the extreme Executive Orders he signed during his first week in the White House, more publications are criticizing his actions. Some publications directly responded to Trump's immigration ban through their respective magazine covers.

Take a look at some of them below.

Der Spiegel

The German news magazine Der Spiegel tapped Edel Rodriguez for its February cover. Rodriguez created a very compelling piece that is actually reminiscent of a New York Daily News 2015 cover when Trump first called for a Muslim ban.

Der Spiegel and Rodriguez portray Trump as an eyeless, open-mouthed, knife-wielding man in a suit holding up the beheaded Statue of Liberty. Only two words are written beside him: "America First."

The Der Spiegel cover is powerful in many ways. First is that the artist Rodriguez is actually a Cuban political refugee in the U.S. back in the 1980s; he knows first-hand how a child feels unsafe when uprooted from their own countries but have nowhere to go to. "I was 9 years old when I came here, so I remember it well, and I remember the feelings and how little kids feel when they are leaving their country [...] so it bothers me a lot that little children are being kept from coming to this country," Rodriguez says. He notes that the Statue of Liberty is a sacred symbol of America's history of welcoming immigrants. Add to that the fact that the Statue of Liberty was actually a gift from France, so Lady Liberty is technically an "immigrant," much like all of modern Americans' ancestors.

Bloomberg Businessweek

The Feb. 6 cover of Bloomberg Businessweek is less violent and more of a direct criticism with regard to the content of Trump's Executive Orders. The cover shows President Trump holding up a signed E.O. but, instead of the usual lengthy text, it reads "(Insert hastily drafted, legally dubious, economically destabilizing executive order here)."

Village Magazine

Ireland's political and cultural magazine received criticism from both Trump supporters and those who did not actually read the publication's piece regarding the cover. This is because Village Magazine shows a full closeup image of President Trump's head with crosshairs on his temple. Below it, the words "WHY NOT" are written.

People immediately responded to the publication on Twitter and called it out for wishing death upon Trump, but the magazine is actually strongly against anyone wishing death on him because it believes that democracy must be what will take Trump out of the presidency and not unjust death. Take note of the lack of a question mark on the "Why not" on the cover, which automatically discounts the phrase from becoming a challenge. The reader becomes the person holding the rifle and the magazine is telling you not to pull the trigger.

"Trump is a fool [...] He will fall on a metaphorical sword, he does not need one wielded by a third party. Shooting Trump is unnecessary and disproportionate. Furthermore in the process of self-destruction he will generate an awareness of the dangers of allowing power to an intolerant narcissist so that institutions will be reformed, progressive policies enshrined and popular opinion inured against ever repeating the Trump mistake. [...] the Natural Law would wait to see democracy play its proper role [...] Rights-based theories would perhaps come closest to condoning violence against Trump but the right to life of Trump himself would weigh heavily," Village Magazine concludes.

The New Yorker

The New Yorker released one of the simpler but equally powerful covers for February. There are no images of President Trump doing anything questionable or even any images of him at all. The cover is simply the torch of Lady Liberty no longer lit — a symbol of the light in America being put out and democracy no longer leading the way to safety.

The world can probably expect to see more President Trump-themed covers as publications roll out so we will just have to wait and see how other magazines see the current administration.

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