Tesla CEO Elon Musk previously announced that his company is going to build a Tesla factory in Europe. Lithuanians seems especially keen with the idea of hosting the facility so it launched its bid with a virtual Tesla facility painstakingly built inside Minecraft to get Musk's attention.

Entrepreneurs commissioned a gaggle of Minecraft gamers to build an exact replica of a Tesla battery plant. The feat was completed in 35 hours and you may be sure the entire affair was documented in a video, which was promptly uploaded in YouTube.

The Case For Lithuania In Minecraft Blocks

All things considered, the Minecraft strategy is strangely impressive. It effectively outlined the value proposition for Tesla, particularly with the way an economic zone called Kruonis could be effective as home to the company's gigafactory. It also underscored how Tesla could help Lithuania's economy and its citizens, helping stem Lithuanian immigration to wealthier European cities in the process.

The Minecraft construction illustrated that a Tesla virtual facility constructed in Kruonis will be served by two airports and will have access to about 1.3 million inhabitants for its manpower. The gamers were also able to create detailed infrastructure in the sprawling facility such as a pumped storage power plant, solar panels for roofing, and windmills, among others. These were cleverly integrated to appeal to Musk's interests in the alternative energy resources.

"This non-governmental initiative proves that our IT specialists are not only talented but also inventive enough to surprise the world," Mindaugas Sinkevicius, Lithuania's economic minister, said.

Why The Fuss?

Tesla's gigafactory is much coveted due to its size. The facility is not only manufacturing lithium batteries packs to supply the influx of electric cars but it also includes drive system production lines. When the first gigafactory was announced, for instance, it was estimated to be worth $5 billion and is projected to employ as much as 6,000 by 2020. For this reason, California, New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas aggressively wooed Tesla before the company settled to build outside Sparks, Nevada.

Tesla currently maintains a plant in the Netherlands but it will pale in comparison to the gigafactory 2, which will include a battery plant and an automobile factory. Tesla will decide on its location this year.

Currently, several countries are campaigning hard to snag the project. These include the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, and Romania. Even Germany has been dropping fillers that Tesla is already in talks with its economic ministry about building the gigafactory there.

Not to be outdone, Portugal has already launched an internet campaign in tandem with the initiative of its government emissaries who are said to be already negotiating with Tesla.

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