Parenting has always been a tough job. Moms usually go through a lot of stress and exertion to manage their kids, as well as ensure that they are receiving proper care. Amid all of this, their own social life gets neglected.

This happens mostly because the priority and mindset of a mother is different. However, things are about to change as a new app called Peanut is here to bring together like-minded mums.

Former deputy CEO of dating app Badoo, Michelle Kennedy is the brains behind Peanut, a social networking site designed exclusively for moms. Before starting Peanut, Kennedy was associated with Bumble, which is a location-based dating app.

The lead software developer of Peanut is Greg Orlowski, who is the co-founder of food delivery app Deliveroo.

What Is Peanut?

Peanut is a social media app for mothers to meet and connect as women. Peanut promotes the idea of women who are also mother's connecting with fellow moms sharing similar interests and thoughts and forge lasting friendship.

"Peanut is designed to give women a network, [and] view motherhood as an adventure in the life of a woman," stated the team of Peanut in a press release

How To Use Peanut?

Peanut calls all new users "mamas." To start connecting, at first a mum needs to log in with her Facebook profile into the Peanut app.  After logging in, the user needs to create a profile by answering questions about the duration of their pregnancy, the age of the child or children they have and more.

The moms get to choose colourful labels or "packs" as Peanut likes to call them from categories of "Spiritual Gangster", "City Gal", "Fashion Killa", "Single Mama" and some more. That is all it takes for one to start using the app.

How Does Peanut Work?

Once the profile creation process is finished, Peanut uses machine learning to connect moms. Machine learning enables the app to get insights about the users independently.

Friendship Recommendations are given based on common interest and proximity. The app will give recommendations to connect mamas on the basis of certain commonalities like age and gender of children, hobbies, languages spoken, educational back ground and more.

Users can show their interest on another user's profile by swiping upward on their profile picture. The upward movement is known as "wave" in Peanut's terms.

Why Come Up With Peanut?

Kennedy stated that she had the idea of making Peanut after seeing the abysmal quality of apps currently existing in the market for mums.

"The UX and the UI was quite frankly appalling," said Kennedy.

Peanut basically allows moms to do more than just grab coffee with another mother. It wants mothers to connect at a level and develop lasting friendship.

Price And Availability

The app is free and is launching in the U.S. and the UK, specifically eyeing mothers in New York and London. The app is currently available only for iOS users and can be downloaded from the App Store.

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