The Nintendo Switch will finally be released on March 3 and with it gamers can play the newest Legend of Zelda game.

The title will feature a new map, new shrines, characters, weapons, and powerful bosses, so it is no surprise that many gamers are already excited to play it.

We already know from official sources that the Nintendo's hybrid console is not region locked and that the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will feature an unlockable alternate ending but, other than teaser videos, trailers, and some tidbits from interviews, finding new information is not that easy — at least until now.

Shigeru Miyamoto And Eiji Aonuma Talk 'Zelda'

It is less than a month until both Nintendo Switch and Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild are released so, while we all wait to get our hands on the items, Breath of the Wild game developer Shigeru Miyamoto and producer Eiji Aonuma sat down with Game Informer for a 51-question rapid-fire interview.

The interview questions ranged from details about Breath of the Wild to asking for practical advice and the two men enthusiastically answered all of them without giving too much away.

For instance, Game Informer's Ben Reeves asked the two men if they have both played through the Breath of the Wild from start to finish and, unsurprisingly, they both have. Aonuma would not say whether the Master Sword would break or not but he did assure Reeves that the gamers would be fine since they would be searching for new weapons anyway.

When it comes to possible differences between Breath of the Wild's WiiU and Switch versions, gamers would be happy to know that the only differences have to do with sound and video quality, as well as portability.

Running Jokes At Nintendo HQ

As for our hero, Link, Miyamoto revealed that his full name is actually Link Link. Yes, you read that right, the Mario Brothers — Mario Mario and Luigi Mario — aren't the only ones with quirky names. Miyamoto explains that the quirky character names are actually some sort of running joke at the Nintendo headquarters, and the main reason is because the characters are not really human.

Aonuma also revealed that Breath of the Wild was the toughest game to develop in the Zelda series, so gamers could probably expect it to be an incredible adventure, especially since there's supposed to be some big surprises in the game.

As for practical advice, Reeves asked the two men what the secret is to a happy life. For Miyamoto, his secret is to enjoy everything. Aonuma, on the other hand, says it is to forget everything.

Watch the full interview below.

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will be released on Mar. 3.

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