Keep your eyes open! There is this deadly game you are dying to get your hands on — a graveyard simulator.

Indie game developer Lazy Bear Games, the creator of Punch Club, is back with its latest "killer" title, the resource management simulator Graveyard Keeper. As the title implies, it lets you manage a graveyard business. The game is published by tinyBuild, the studio behind the horror adventure Hello Neighbor.

Graveyard Keeper will be released this summer for Xbox One and Windows PC.

'A Story Of Business Triumph And Pure Capitalism'

Publisher tinyBuild made the announcement via its Twitter account. According to tinyBuild, Graveyard Keeper is the "most inaccurate Medieval Graveyard Management Sim of 2017!" It also posted a video teaser of the game.

Graveyard Keeper, if based on its trailer alone, promises to be a lot of fun. The video shows the game having a 2D sprite style of graphics. A man narrates the trailer with irony and dark humor.

"In a world of fantasy and adventure, everyone needs a hero. One of courage, valor, and charisma. To dispose of the countless bodies of idiots who don't read the rock slide warnings, our hero indeed has the most important job in the lands. So that the fallen can rest in peace and keep their honor. This is a story of business triumph and pure capitalism. This is the story of the graveyard keeper," says the epic VO.

Making A Livelihood From Dead People

Graveyard Keeper is a fantasy management simulator. It outlines its key features on its website.

One, you will be able to explore the countryside to see what the land has to offer. As a resource manager, of course, you need to collect resources so your graveyard business will, well survive and thrive. Dive deep into dungeons (because what medieval fantasy game doesn't have dungeons?) to acquire rare materials.

Also, you will face occasional dilemmas such as thinking whether to use a different resource for that "proper hotdog meat." Sounds morbid? Not when you hear the money clinking in your pockets.

You also need to interact with village people to create business alliances and a network of useful contacts. Got a lot of blood from the dead bodies you got? Why not sell it to someone who can put it to good use ... like a vampire, perchance? And yes, recycling body parts is encouraged. All for the money.

Indie Cred Alive And Kicking

Lazy Bear Games is a Russia-based indie game studio that developed Punch Club, a 2D action fighting game for iOS, Android, and Steam.

The indie game developer and publisher tinyBuild is the brains behind the upcoming horror game Hello Neighbor. It also partnered up with other studios to develop hit indie games like SpeedRunners, Party Hard, Clustertruck, and The Final Station, among others.

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