Tesla, the automobile company owned by Elon Musk, manages to remain in the headlines for both good and bad reasons.

Starting from the Model 3, to the supercharger locations in North America, to the demand for unionization by certain employees, the company seems to be in the news regularly.

Now, a lawsuit filed against the company by AJ Vandermeyden, an engineer with the company, brings to light charges that suggest that Tesla supports gender discrimination and sexism.

Vandermeyden, who has been working with Tesla, the American automaker company since 2013, filed the lawsuit against the company in 2016.

She accused the company of ignoring several of her complaints including the ones about gender discrimination, unethical workplace conditions and pervasive harassments. The Tesla engineer also said that the company gives promotion to less qualified men and pays them more for doing the same work as compared with women.

Details Of The Complaint

Vandermeyden states in an interview withThe Guardian that even after performing the same work that her male counterparts did, she was always paid lesser than the other male employees.

During the interview, she expressed her feelings of insecurity at being the only girl among 40 to 50 men during any company meeting.

According to the reports, Vandermeyden even came up with a relevant solution for the flaws observed during the quality testing of the car, which her male colleagues had reportedly missed out. However, despite this she and several of her female colleagues were denied promotions.

According to the lawsuit, she was even deprived of overtime payment, rest breaks and meal periods while she was working in the sales department under Tesla.

Vandermeyden was also tagged as a "whistleblower" for raising her voice against selling cars in a defective state.

What Did Tesla Say?

However, after the publication of the interview, Tesla released an official statement on Tuesday, Feb. 28, defending its actions and discrediting her allegations.

A spokesperson from the company revealed that for further investigations of the allegations, the company hired a "neutral third party" in 2016.

"After an exhaustive review of the facts, the independent investigator determined that Ms. Vandermeyden's 'claims of gender discrimination, harassment, and retaliation have not been substantiated," stated the spokesperson denying the charges.

The investigation was brutally criticized by Therese Lawless, Vandermeyden's lawyer, who completely denied the report from the supposed "independent investigator." Vandermeyden is hoping that her lawsuit will not end her career with Tesla.

"Half the time when I walk into work, I wonder if my badge is going to work," says Vandermeyden.

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