A school in Massachusetts has started implementing a security system that has been designed to alert administrators and the authorities when gun shots have been fired in the building.

Named the Guardian Active Shooter Detection System, the security technology was adapted from a U.S. military system that was used in war zones.

According to the system's manufacturer, Shooter Detection Systems, the security system is the first such technology that has been developed in the country. It is now being marketed to public places such as schools all over the United States, wherein incidents of mass shootings are still fresh in the memories of people.

The Guardian Active Shooter Detection System was demonstrated by the authorities in a school in the city of Methuen, which is about 30 miles to the north from Boston. The demonstration was carried out during Veterans Day, when there were no classes at the school.

A man fired blank shots in the hallways of the school. After the shots were fired, the authorities were alerted and began to coordinate a response through radios. The systems were then able to pinpoint where the shots were fired through circles appearing on a floor plan that was projected in the auditorium of the school, following the shooter where he goes.

"It's basically a smoke alarm for gun fire detection," said Christian Connors, the CEO of Shooter Detection Systems.

Audience to the demonstration included Niki Tsongas, a Massachusetts Democratic representative, along with chiefs of police from within the region.

Before the demonstration, Tsongas said that it is the responsibility of the authorities to ensure that schools are maintained as "sanctuaries for learning."

"From Columbine to Sandy Hook, unspeakable acts of violence have occurred in our schools, and gun violence is now a major concern for our children, our educators and our parents," Tsongas added.

Recent years have seen schools in the United States strengthen their security measures, using methods such as the installation of surveillance cameras and metal detectors to be able to combat the increase in deadly shootings.

The Sandy Hook Elementary School, located in Newtown, Connecticut, was the site of one of the worst shootings in recent memory. In 2012, a shooter killed six adults and 20 students at the school.

Northeastern University criminology professor James Alan Fox believes that technology such as the Guardian Active Shooter Detection System could result in fewer injuries and saved lives in case another shooting incident occurs.

According to Connors, the company is currently in discussion with the U.S. government for a wider use of the technology.

The system that was installed in the school in Methuen includes an outdoor acoustic system and between 50 and 60 sensors, about the size of smoke detectors installed in the classrooms and hallways. Another part of the system is the infrared cameras, which are for the detection of muzzle flashes.

Connors said that the installed system costs between $50,000 and $100,000.

According to the company, the technology was developed in partnership with DARPA, the advanced technology arm of the U.S. Defense Department, and Raytheon.

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