Nest, the smart home gadget company purchased by Google parent Alphabet in 2014, is working on several new devices to expand its presence in the connected home market, according to a Bloomberg report.

Google purchased Nest for $3.2 billion back in 2014, but the smart home business has fallen short in delivering the promised plans of expansion under Alphabet. It seems that Nest is now looking to pull itself out of its struggles, with a source claiming that the company has several new products in the works.

New Nest Smart Thermostat

According to Bloomberg's source, Nest is working on a cheaper version of its smart thermostat, which is capable of adjusting the temperature of a home based on the usage patterns of its residents. Nest is said to be targeting a price tag of below $200 for the new thermostat, compared with the $250 price tag of the current model.

To reduce the price of the thermostat, Nest is said to be including cheaper components within the device. In addition, at least one of the thermostat's prototypes do not have the metal edges found in the flagship model, the source said.

This new thermostat may be released by next year, according to the source. Nest is also said to be working on remote sensors for the thermostat that would allow users to control the temperatures of individual rooms, compared to only being able to make adjustments to the overall temperature of the home.

Nest Home Alarm System

Nest is also said to be working on a home security alarm system that could be shipped as soon as this year. A prototype of the system comes with a central hub featuring a keypad, several alarm sensors that home owners can place on their doors and windows, and a fob to attach to key rings that would instantly arm and disarm the alarms.

Similar to standard security systems, an alarm will ring when a person is detected by the sensors until the passcode is entered into the keypad. The system can also be connected to a smartphone app that will allow home owners to approve the entry for a specific person.

Updated Indoor Camera, New Digital Doorbell For Nest

The second version of its indoor security camera is said to be another project for Nest, which will improve upon the original version that was launched after the smart home unit acquired startup Dropcam. Currently, the security camera is capable of determining when a person enters a room, and will then send a notification to the home owner through a mobile app. The updated version, which could launch as soon as this fall season, may be able to identify a specific person.

Nest is also exploring a digital doorbell system that would be released as soon as next year which would feature a video camera. The system would allow residents to communicate with the person outside their door before having to walk up and open it if needed.

What This Means For Nest

With all these smart home devices planned, Nest will finally expand its product offerings, which currently only stands at a smart thermostat, outdoor and indoor security cameras, and a smoke alarm. The upcoming devices will shore up the company's smart home solutions, especially in safety and security.

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