There is now a title available for mobile gamers who are looking for a classic, yet new shooter.

Capcom announced on Thursday the release of 1942 Mobile, it's high-flying arcade shooter, in the app stores.

Perfect for those who love retro games,1942 Mobile is the modern spin on the iconic title that was released for the arcade in 1984.

Giving all the nostalgic feels, in 1942 Mobile players take control of a vintage warbird and participate in air battles to challenge the enemy's army.

The player must dodge enemies, timing barrel rolls with the aim to get a 100 percent kill rate.

"Set in the Pacific theater during World War II, this vertically scrolling shoot 'em up tasks players with battling through the entire enemy fleet. Shoot down enemy planes, avoid enemy fire and perform rolls and loops to avoid certain death in this epic nail-biter from the past," the app's description reads.

While the game is similar the 8-bit classic, it has modern updates optimized for mobile like touch screen controls. There are also global leaderboards so gamers can compete against people from all around the world. Aim to get the highest score to unlock achievements along the way.

1942 Mobile features a "classic mode" that pays homage to its retro roots, as well a a "casual mode" that is easier to play for those checking out this game for the first time.

The release of 1942 Mobile comes days after the Japanese video game developer and publisher announced that it will release four of its classic arcade games to mobile devices.

This arcade shooter is just the first of available titles that also include Ghosts'N Goblins Mobile, Ghouls'N Ghosts Mobile and Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando Mobile.

Capcom previously stated that these titles will all be available "within the next few months."

To celebrate its launch, Capcom is offering 1942 Mobile for 50% off in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store for today only. After today the game will be available for $1.99.

Download 1942 Mobile for iOS and Android here

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