When hunger hits, customers are more likely now to order online, whether it's through delivery services like Seamless or through that particular restaurant's website or mobile app.

So Papa John's is continuing to make sure its customers have the best experience when placing a digital order.

Papa John's announced on Thursday the addition of PayPal as one of the various payment options customers have when placing their orders online.

Adding PayPal as a payment method to join other options like Visa Checkout and Venmo's PayShare makes it the national pizza brand with the most payment choices.

It only makes sense that the pizza chain adds support for this popular payment method since most of its domestic pizza sales (more than 55 percent) came from online orders last year.

And after being awarded the 2017 Chain Restaurant Consumers' Choice Award Winner in the QSR category for "Use of Technology Improves the Experience," Papa John's is continuing to heat things up with how it incorporates tech by adding a new pizza tracker to its website.

Called Papa Track, this digital feature that is now available on the chain's website allows customers to track their order from when it's placed in the oven until its delivered to their doorsteps.

The tracker reveals what step their order is on, which includes: making, baking, boxing, on its way and delivered, along with the estimated delivery time.

The addition of PayPal and Papa Track is only some of the ways Papa John's has embraced and incorporated technology. Papa John's was the first brand to offer digital ordering in all of its U.S. locations back in 2001, as well as allowing customers to order via SMS texts in 2007, and launching a digital rewards program in 2010.

"When it comes to technology and innovation, we are committed to improvements that positively affect the customer experience," Papa Jonh's first Chief Information and Digital Officer (CIDO), Mike Nettles said in press release. "We prioritized and invested in additional digital payment options and the development of Papa Track to provide consumers with a seamless experience, from ordering and paying for their pizza to tracking that order to delivery."

Customers can order their pizza at Papa John's online, on its app for iOS and Android, or on their Apple TV.

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