Two Yale students have addressed the very common problem of hangovers and created a remedy based on the chemical reactions that take place in the human body when drinking.

The anti-hangover formula is called SunUp. The supplement is entirely natural and it comes in a powder form that consumers have to dissolve in water before drinking. It has a citrus taste, which makes it easier to administer. However, people should drink it before the crazy night out.

Scientific Hangover Remedy, With A Natural Formula

Margaret Morse, a molecular, cellular, and developmental biology Major at Yale and Liam McClintock, a D1 athlete involved in the Greek life at Yale are the scientists who developed the product.

The ingredients work together to break down toxic molecules in the liver, balancing the glutamine levels and arming the body with electrolytes. This all-in-one formula provides people who enjoy drinking with the necessary uplift to prevent a hangover.

According to the two creators of the hangover remedy, their efforts were divided into a two-step process. The first step involved learning about the physiological effects that alcohol has on the body and reading all of the scientific literature on what causes the symptoms of hangover. The second step was to find compounds and nutrients that have been proven effective in combatting processes that lead to hangovers.

"Although scientists are still trying to fully understand hangovers, there are four main contributors that have been identified by scientific research: acetaldehyde buildup, glutamine rebound, immunologic disturbances, and vitamin and electrolyte loss," notes the researchers' paper.

The students' campaign is seeking $20,000 and has already secured $18,393 — more than 90 percent of the target fund. For a $5 pledge, every consumer will receive one packet of SunUp. The product will ship April 2017. Its ingredients have each been tested individually in independent studies, which prove their capability of improving alcohol clearance, as well as active defense against alcohol toxicity.

SunUp adds extra vitamins and electrolytes to the body, which eliminates the poignant feeling of fatigue that follows every night out. The product breaks down the acetaldehyde molecule, which is 30 times more toxic to the body than alcohol itself.

"We are passionate about ending hangovers and increasing productivity. This project aims to launch our patent-pending anti-hangover formula, making it available for retail with professional packaging and flavoring," notes the Indiegogo page of the project.

Hangovers, Highly Expensive For The U.S.

Hangovers cost the United States approximately $223.5 in 2006, or approximately $1.9 per drink, according to data provided by the CDC.

The costs resulted from a different series of factors. The most important and expensive one is workplace productivity dropping because of excessive alcohol consumption, which accounted for 72 percent of the total cost.

Health care expenses were responsible for 11 percent of the total costs, while law enforcement and criminal justice expenses cost the American state 9 percent of the more than $223 billion. Last, but not least, motor vehicle crashes costs accounted for 6 percent of the total amount.

Additionally, binge drinking was reported by 18 percent of the adults in the United States.

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