There has been no shortage on iPhone 8 reports on the rumor mill, including that the upcoming premium smartphone will have a so-called water drop design as tribute to the original iPhone, facial recognition features, and a flat OLED screen.

A new report brings to light certain new details regarding the iPhone 8, while both confirming and debunking previous known information about the device.

iPhone 8 Leaked Details

According to a report by iDrop News, an insider who spoke with an employee of Apple supplier Foxconn revealed that the iPhone 8, which will be released in addition to the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus, will feature its Touch ID scanner at the back of the device, similar to where Samsung placed the fingerprint scanner for the Galaxy S8.

There were previous reports that Apple will be placing the Touch ID scanner below the smartphone's display, but it would seem that the technology has not been prepared in time to launch with the iPhone 8.

The report also claims that the iPhone 8 will have a dual-lens rear camera setup, but instead of the usual horizontal layout of the lens, the orientation in the back of the smartphone will be vertical. The decision behind such a design is said to be for better depth of field when the iPhone 8 is paired with a headset for virtual reality or augmented reality. It is also said that the front camera will also have a dual-lens setup, which will facilitate the rumored 3D sensing camera technology.

The insider also claims that the reports on a glass back for the iPhone 8 are actually incorrect, as the current prototype for the smartphone has a metal back. The decision to have a metal back over a glass one is for durability, as a glass back shatters when dropped. The Samsung Galaxy S8 and the LG G6, however, have backs that are made of Gorilla Glass.

The report also claims that the iPhone 8 will not have a fully curved OLED screen but rather a slightly curved 2.5D OLED edge-to-edge screen.

iDrop News also created images to visualize what the iPhone 8 looks like, and according to its informant, the images closely resemble the current prototype for the smartphone.

iPhone 8 Will Be Named iPhone Edition

Lastly, the insider also claimed that the upcoming premium smartphone will not be named the iPhone 8 upon its release. Instead, it will be sold as the iPhone Edition.

The information corroborates with a report from earlier this month that claims the same iPhone Edition branding for the highly anticipated device. It will not be the first time that Apple will use the Edition name, as the company is also selling the $1,249 Apple Watch Edition. With previous rumors claiming that the price of the iPhone Edition will breach the $1,000 mark, the name makes more sense.

iPhone 8 Rumors True?

While the iDrop News report paints a vivid picture on what the iPhone 8, or iPhone Edition, would look like, 9to5Mac cautions the authenticity of the story, given that the source of the report has no track record for accurate information.

Apple fans looking forward to the smartphone will have to take these rumors with a grain of salt, but can certainly wish that the features that catch their eye in these rumors turn out to be true.

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