I think it's impossible to not love Joe Biden. Even if your political views don't align with his, you can't deny that the Vice President of the United States is one cool dude, and isn't that all what we secretly want in a politician anyway?

Today is an especially appropriate occasion to celebrate Biden's awesomeness because it's his 72nd birthday. Biden has certainly accomplished a lot in his 72 years on Earth. He was elected to represent Delaware in the U.S. Senate at the age of 29, a position he held for 36 years. Then, as we all know, Biden was sworn in as the 47th Vice President of the United States in 2009.

While all of that is certainly impressive, what we should really be thanking Biden for are the countless Internet memes he has inspired. With Biden's laid-back attitude, affinity for cool eyewear and tendency to put his foot in his mouth, he was born to be an Internet star. In honor of Biden's birthday today, take a look at the craziest, weirdest and most hilarious Internet memes of the vice president.

1. "Dogs Impersonating Biden"

I'm genuinely astonished that no one thought of finding photos of dogs that look like Biden before the Tumblr "Dogs Impersonating Biden" did this year, but better late than never. Created by the blogger known as delrayser in October, "Dogs Impersonating Biden" does exactly what the title suggests by putting photos of adorable dogs right next to a photo of Biden in an uncannily similar pose. I don't know how this didn't #BreakTheInternet.

2. Biden's aviator sunglasses

Not since Top Gun has a man made aviator sunglasses look so cool. Whenever Biden is photographed wearing these shades, it is certainly a special occasion for the Interwebs. Aviator sunglasses have become such a big part of Biden's image that his first Instagram post featured the accessory.

3. Biden trolls The Onion

In 2009, The Onion published a pair of Photoshopped images of the vice president washing a Trans Am in the White House driveway. It took a few years, but Biden officially trolled the satirical news publication in 2013, tweeting a photo of himself with a beautiful red corvette, along with "#iamavetteguy." Well played, Biden. Well played.   

4. "SOON" meme


Biden got his own "SOON." meme when one Redditor plastered the word across a photo of Biden pointing, while leaving President Obama's 2013 inauguration ceremony. Is it possible for a meme to foreshadow the results of the next presidential election?   

5. Biden with ice cream

One day in October 2014, Biden stopped by an ice cream shop for a cone, and then all hell broke loose when the photo of the event hit the Internet. There was nothing particularly extraordinary about the photo, other than everything. That cone! Those bills! The signature aviator sunglasses! Twitter just could not handle it.

6. The Zoolander-inspired GIF

This speaks for itself.

7. Biden's Twitter Accounts

OK, so this isn't technically a meme, but it's on the Internet, and it's entertaining, so there. Biden has not one, but two Twitter accounts, @VP, run by the Office of the Vice President, and @JoeBiden, run by the official Twitter account of the Democratic Party. But once in a while, you'll see a tweet signed by "-Joe," and a smile will fill your face.

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