The upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is the star of a new rumor, bolstering previous claims that it will feature a massive screen and a dual rear camera setup.

It seems that Samsung is all set to carry on with its tradition of offering increasingly larger devices with each Galaxy Note release. After all, Samsung was the first one to push the boundaries of smartphone size with its original Galaxy Note, starting the whole phablet trend.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Display

According to the latest rumor surfaced on Weibo (via The Android Soul), the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will rock a massive 6.3-inch display with an aspect ratio of 18.5:9, the same one found on the recently launched Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ flagships.

This aspect ratio indicates that the screen real estate is slightly smaller than with a traditional 16:9 screen. At the same time, it also suggests that the display will be notably taller, so it might be a bit tough to use it with a single hand. Then again, the Samsung Galaxy S8+ already sports a 6.2-inch display with a 18.5:9 aspect ratio, so the Galaxy Note 8 wouldn't take it much farther.

The new rumor also falls in line with previous leaks hinting at a massive Infinity display for the Galaxy Note 8, albeit they pegged the size at 6.4 inches.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Dual Cameras

In addition to the display details, the latest rumor also bolsters earlier claims that the Galaxy Note 8 will feature dual rear cameras. The Galaxy S8 was expected to feature such a setup as well, but Samsung ultimately ditched such plans and went for a single rear camera and an oddly placed fingerprint scanner right beside it.

Speaking of fingerprint scanner, the Galaxy Note 8 could also boast in-display fingerprint authentication, which Samsung originally planned for the Galaxy S8 line but ran out of time with the implementation. The Galaxy Note 8 dual cameras could be 12MP + 13MP, based on earlier rumors.

Being part of the Galaxy Note family of devices, the upcoming Galaxy Note 8 should also feature an S Pen stylus, which is expected to sport some notable improvements compared to previous iterations.

Based on leaks and rumors so far, it seems that the only major differences between the Galaxy Note 8 and the Galaxy S8 line will be the display size, the cameras, and the stylus. The rest of the specifications should be similar, including the processor, storage options, software, and features.

Samsung has already confirmed that it plans to launch another major flagship later this year, and it's safe to presume that it's none other than the Galaxy Note 8. When it comes to the specs and features, however, nothing is confirmed at this point.

As always with leaks, rumors, and speculations, this means that it's best to take everything with a hefty grain of salt until Samsung offers some official details. The Weibo user who posted the latest rumor has a pretty good track record when it comes to the accuracy of his leaks, but things are never certain until the formal release.

After the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco from last year, would you be tempted to buy the Galaxy Note 8 if it comes with these rumored specs? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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