Whether you love Apple or love to hate Apple, there can be no denying that the company's marketing team is second to none. Its most recent campaign urges users to switch from Android to iOS.

The Market War

Apple and Android manufacturers are, for the most part, the only major players in the smartphone industry. Sure, the Windows Phone exists, but it's not a threat to either brand, leaving consumers with a choice between iOS and Android.

Both have their strengths and weaknesses, but their approach to winning the war couldn't be more different. Google's Android operating system powers more than 2 billion devices, but Apple tends to make more money on its phones and has built a very loyal audience.

However, despite this loyal audience, the company has hit a few rough spots in recent years. Sales of the iPad Mini have declined to the point where it is widely believed that Apple will discontinue the product. Even the iPhone, the cornerstone of Apple's empire, has seen a sharp decline in sales.

This leads us to Apple's latest ad campaign focused on getting Android users to switch to iOS devices.

Why Switch?

As anyone who's ever seen one of the iconic "I'm a Mac" and "I'm a PC" ads knows, Apple's marketing team is one of the best in the industry. Its latest campaign includes a series of YouTube videos boasting of ways in which iOS devices are superior to Android ones.

In addition, the "iPhone" tab of Apple's website now features a new page titled "Why Switch," which seeks to answer the following questions regarding the iPhone.

• Will it be easy to switch to iPhone?
• Is the camera as good as they say?
• Why is the iPhone so fast?
• Will iPhone be easy to use?
• How does iPhone help protect my personal information?
• What makes Messages so great?
• Can I get help from a real person?
• Can I switch at an Apple Store?
• What about the environment?
• Will I love my iPhone?

Obviously, that last point is subjective, as is the entire iOS vs. Android debate, but, for the most part, Apple does a good job of explaining the benefits of the iPhone line.

This new ad campaign isn't as iconic as the "I'm a Mac" and "I'm a PC" ads from the past, but it may help Apple boost its declining sales, which is really the entire point of this marketing campaign.

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