The 16 Stages Of Thanksgiving Travel As Told Through GIFs


It's Thanksgiving week, and that means you're probably either en route to your holiday destination or getting ready to travel for the big day.

More than 46.3 million Americans are expected to travel for Thanksgiving this year, the highest recorded volume since 2007, according to AAA. That, coupled with the impending snowstorm getting ready to coat the Northeast is going to make for some especially messy Thanksgiving travel this year.

Even without this added bit of chaos, travelling during the holidays is always an emotional roller coaster ride. You're happy and excited but also stressed out and angry at the world when things don't go as planned. It's not easy, but you've got to do it. These are all of the feelings you will feel during your Thanksgiving travel adventure.

1. You will get nothing done during your last day of work before Thanksgiving, because Thanksgiving.

2. You also wait until the last minute to pack, because Thanksgiving.

3. It hits you during the drive to the airport. You're on Thanksgiving vacation.

4. Once you get to the airport, you're greeted by crowds.


5. Once you check in, get through security and all that jazz, the waiting game begins.

6. Then, you get that announcement. Your flight is delayed. Initiate rage sequence.

7. Finally, your flight is boarding, and all is forgiven.

8. But that's just a tease, because now you just get to wait for your plane to take off.

9. And then it does. FINALLY. Finally.

10. Now you have to figure out how to pass the time.

You try reading for a bit.

Then move on to listening to some tunes.

Then you just give in and fall asleep. Several times.

Then you start getting restless and annoy the person you're travelling with.

Or other passengers annoy you. This will actually most likely happen upon boarding the flight.

11. The plane lands.

 Can we go now?

12. You go to collect your luggage at baggage claim.

You see one bag over and over again, but it takes forever to find your own. How is that possible?

13. The search for the airport exit begins.

14. You of course get lost on the way to your final destination.

15. Then you arrive. Let the Thanksgiving festivities commence!

16. But all good things must come to an end, and Thanksgiving weekend is over.

Then you realize you have to go through all of this again for the return trip.

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