Final Fantasy IX, the classic Square Enix RPG first released for the PlayStation in 2000, has arrived to the PlayStation 4.

The revived title, which is now available on the PlayStation Store, is not a simple port of the 17-year-old RPG. Square Enix applied some changes to Final Fantasy IX to give new flavor for another run with Zidane and his crew.

'Final Fantasy IX' On PlayStation 4: What's New?

Final Fantasy IX is now available to download from the PlayStation Store with a retail price of $20.99. However, the RPG can currently be purchased with a 20 percent discount to bring the price tag down to $16.79, with the offer available until Sept. 26.

Square Enix announced the re-release of Final Fantasy IX at the Tokyo Game Show. The arrival of the RPG to the PlayStation 4, however, brings with it certain upgrades to modernize the game for those who will play it for the first time and refresh the game for those who want to relive their Final Fantasy IX adventure.

The most notable change that Square Enix applied to Final Fantasy IX for the PlayStation 4 is the introduction of high-definition movies and character models, which should breathe new life into the RPG.

In addition, players will have access to seven optional booster features that will make it easy to run through the game. Among the boosters are a high-speed mode, a no-encounter mode, a Master All Abilities option to instantly master all the weapons and gear equipped by characters, and sliders for character levels, gil, and magic stones. These boosters will help novice players, and will also be a boon for returning players who only want to again experience the Final Fantasy IX story.

Final Fantasy IX for the PlayStation 4 also comes with auto-save functionality, trophy support, share functionality, and remote play capabilities for the PlayStation Vita. There will also be a PlayStation 4 theme and player icons included in the purchase of the game.

'Final Fantasy VII Remake' Missing

While Final Fantasy IX for the PlayStation 4 is a welcome announcement, many Square Enix fans were hoping for news on another game in the franchise coming to the console.

However, there was no news on the Final Fantasy VII Remake at the event, which further builds up anticipation for the RPG. The last major news we've heard on Final Fantasy VII Remake development is that it was moved by Square Enix in-house, which might further delay its release.

The Final Fantasy VII Remake release date will be within the period of 2018 to 2020, though likely closer to 2020 — at least we have these Final Fantasy VII Remake screenshots to look at while waiting.

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