The Hidden 'The Evil Within 2' First-Person Mode For PC Ramps Up The Horror: Here's How To Activate It


The PC version of The Evil Within 2 can be played in first-person mode, a hidden feature that ramps up the horror for the third-person shooter.

The method to activate first-person mode for The Evil Within 2 requires a few easy steps, and does not require hacking or an illegal activity of any kind.

How To Activate 'The Evil Within 2' First-Person Mode

PC gamers who are currently playing or are planning to pick up The Evil Within 2 can activate the first-person mode for the horror title through a simple console command.

To enter the command, players will need to first activate The Evil Within 2's console. To do so, you will have to right click on the game in your Steam library and then select the Properties option, and then Set Launch Options. Next, type in "+com_allowconsole 1" without the quotation marks.

Once that is done, players can open the console while playing The Evil Within 2 by simply hitting the Insert button on their keyboard. To activate first-person mode, you will have to enter "pl_FPS 1" without the quotations marks into the console. If it does not work, players can try entering the "toggle" or "idStudio" command first, and then type in the code again.

Why Play 'The Evil Within 2' In First-Person Mode?

The Evil Within 2 comes with a few instances of first-person sections in the main game, which is probably why the mode exists in the first place. There will be cases when the camera temporarily switches to a third-person view, but activating first-person mode allows players to experience The Evil Within 2 through the eyes of its protagonist, Sebastian Castellanos.

It is unclear why the first-person mode is available only on the PC version and not on the console versions of the game. Perhaps the way to unlock the first-person mode on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is not yet found? In any case, PC gamers should consider themselves very lucky, as playing The Evil Within 2 in first-person mode intensifies the horror elements of the title.

The Evil Within 2 in first person will draw even closer comparisons to another first-person horror game that saw massive success earlier in the year. Resident Evil 7 is often seen as a rejuvenating entry in the franchise as it brought the series back to its horror roots. Things are simply scarier when viewed up close, a fact proven by Resident Evil 7 and also the case for The Evil Within 2.

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