Queen Elsa of Arendelle certainly has a lot to sing about as she was named Time Magazine's number one Most Influential Fictional character of 2014.

From a Disneyfied version of the classic Danish fairy tale, The Snow Queen, to a pop culture icon for feminism, girl power, and independence, Elsa has certainly cemented her place in the hearts of children and children at hearts everywhere.

Elsa, with her platinum blond hair and shimmery blue dress, was voiced by Broadway star, Idina Menzel. Her anthem, "Let it Go," won an Emmy Award for Best Song.

However, according to the animators, Elsa was not originally written as the heroine of the film.

Taking the original source material from Hans Christian Andersen in 1845, the original concept for Elsa was a one-dimensional, icy, villain, just like she was as the unnamed Snow Queen of the children's story. As production went along, it was clear that the story of the sisters was too compelling, and Elsa was rewritten as the character that millions around the world have fallen in love with.

"We were going for something contemporary that everyone would understand and we realized that fear is so often the very thing that gives us a negative outlook, that threatens our relationships. Every single scene, in its own way, supports our themes of family and love, and real love versus fear. And it's fear that drives Elsa," said co-director Jennifer Lee, of Elsa's characterization in Frozen.

The movie Frozen continues to top charts especially this holiday season. A Singing Elsa doll has just recently toppled Barbie as the best-selling toy in the US, and the song "Let it Go" reigned at the top of Billboard's Top 100 in the Spring. The character of Elsa, as well, was featured in a storyline on the ABC series Once Upon a Time, which led to an increase in ratings for the show by 31 percent.

Last year's top fictional character was Walter White, the teacher turned meth-kingpin from Breaking Bad, played by Bryan Cranston. Coming in close second to the Disney ice queen was Kim Kardashian, or rather, Kim's avatar in her hugely popular mobile app, Kim Kardashian Hollywood.

Aside from Elsa and Kim Kardashian, here's the list of Time's 15 Most Influential Fictional Characters of 2014:

3. Star-Lord

4. Stephen Colbert

5. King Joffrey

6.Maura Pfefferman

7. Katniss Everdeen

8. Hatsune Miku

9. Annalise Keating

10. Thor

11.Rust Cohle

12. Mr. Poo

13. Amy Dunne

14. "The Mother," a.k.a Tracy McConnell

15. Hello Kitty

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