The iPhone X notch is one of the biggest criticisms against Apple's latest smartphone, but fortunately, there is an app that can hide the hideous design choice.

The app, named Notcho, is not the only way to remove the notch of "the most breakable iPhone ever" though. There are some other things that owners of the smartphone can try if the app isn't for them.

Use The Notcho App To Hide iPhone X Notch

The Notcho app, available on Apple's App Store, is represented by an adorable nacho chip icon, which already speaks volumes on how awesome it is.

Of course, its witty icon is not the only thing that Notcho offers. Users who download the app will be able to create wallpapers that can hide the ugly iPhone X notch, which was even ridiculed by a Samsung ad.

No, the Notcho wallpapers will not magically fill in the part of the front of the iPhone X that the screen does not occupy. Instead, the wallpapers will have black parts to fill in the flaps on both sides of the iPhone X notch. The top bezel of the smartphone will look bigger, with the time and battery indicators falling into the black part, but at least the notch is gone.

Notcho is free to download, and comes with several wallpapers to choose from, for those who do not prefer to customize their iPhone X backgrounds. However, the wallpapers created using the app will all have watermarks. Users can choose to pay a one-time fee of $1.99, which is a small price for iPhone X wallpapers that hide the notch.

Another Way To Get Rid Of The iPhone X Notch

Notcho creates wallpapers to remove the iPhone X notch, but users who do not want to pay $1.99 for watermark-free backgrounds can try a different method.

The alternative way of getting rid of the iPhone X notch still uses wallpapers, but it requires a bit more effort for users. The Mac Observer has graciously uploaded a template that iPhone X owners can simply download and tweak to create the kind of wallpapers that Notcho creates. The template is in PNG format, and an image editor will allow users to insert their preferred background into the file to create their notch-removing iPhone X wallpaper.

It should be noted, however, that there is no way to hide the iPhone X notch while using an app. The wallpapers created by Notcho or the Mac Observer template will only work while in the Lock screen or Home screen of the iPhone X. This might not be ideal for users who absolutely hate the iPhone X notch, but it will have to do.

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