Only a week into its launch, the OnePlus 5T has received the latest OS update. The update for the OS is for a range of new improvements.

OnePlus is making sure that its customers who have purchased the 5T flagship model are treated with all the necessary updates for a smooth experience with the smartphone.

What All Comes In OnePlus 5T Update

The OxygenOS 4.7.2 update at 107MB is mainly for the Wi-Fi WPA2 security issue fix. A vulnerability known as KRACK will no more affect the devices with this latest update.

The update optimises the face unlock and fingerprint scan features, it is also focused to increase the performance and efficiency of OnePlus 5T. Gesture controls for screen off command will also see improvements.

OnePlus is reportedly considering early feedback from the users for improvements in its dual camera setup of 5T handsets. After consolidating the reviews, the company will release a new software for its 5T's camera. However, there is no fixed date for the release.

OxygenOS 4.7.2 is based on the Android Nougat and is an over-the-air (OTA) update. The official OnePlus forum discussed the latest update and queries related to installations.

For those who are eager for 4K video recording improvements, the update includes EIS (electronic image stabilization) for better video capture. OnePlus 5T does not support OIS (optical image stabilization) and with this update, the EIS will definitely improve video capture at 4K resolution.

The customers can check the latest update on their devices by going to the settings and then system updates. Before installing anything, it is advisable to backup existing data.

"We have seen some of the reviews that mention our OnePlus 5T camera could be performing better and offering a few areas of improvement," says the spokesperson for OnePlus.

With the latest update to its software, the 5T's beautification mode will become optional. Improvements to low-light photography and improved selfie shots are also part of the latest update.

OnePlus 5T's camera is by no means a substandard equipment, it has a wide range of features and a spectacular lens for the price it retails. The latest improvements will enhance the camera's capability and will add to an even better experience with the phone for the users who live to capture every beautiful moment of their lives.

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