Electronic Arts may have a tough time this Black Friday as FIFA 18 players and fans are determined to boycott in-game purchases to boost the #FixFifa campaign.

Black Friday is usually a lucrative time of year and companies, big and small, are striving to come up with attractive offers to lure in more shoppers and boost their sales. For EA, however, the Black Friday menu seems to include dealing with disgruntled fans or facing lower sales. Probably, it could be both.

FIFA 18 Black Friday Boycott: What's Going On?

EA has been sailing rough waters as of late and its troubles seem far from over. After being forced to drop in-game purchases, also referred to as loot boxes, for the popular game Star Wars Battlefront 2, the company is now facing more backlash over its FIFA 18 practices.

FIFA 18 players and fans have started a campaign called #FixFIFA this week, seeking to determine EA to fix the problems with the game. The petition has already garnered 28,533 signatures as of this writing, and more people are signing by the minute.

#FixFIFA Campaign

"Many users across the internet feel like the game they purchased just isn't what it was (Pre-Patch) therefore spiking an uproar which is unfortunately still not being taken seriously causing many users to leave the game/ boycott black friday events to hopefully make EA take note of there [sic] frustration," reads the petition.

While FIFA players typically flock to take advantage of Black Friday sales with attractive packs sold in-game, this year the #FixFIFA campaign urges players to boycott the sale altogether, ignoring the offers and refraining from spending any money on in-game sales until EA listens to their demands and fixes the issues plaguing the game.

'FIFA 18' Issues

The #FixFifa campaign emerged as players are tired of game problems such as balancing issues, nasty gameplay cheats, various glitches, and other inconveniences. The big focus on in-game purchases has also prompted a slew of negative reactions, so players are hoping that by boycotting Black Friday deals they will get EA to step up and improve the overall experience.

Most notably, players are complaining that getting a top team in the game requires hefty investments of thousands of dollars because of the random packs with awful drop rates. Ultimate Team may be a huge moneymaker for EA, but it's sparking great frustration among players and the backlash is growing.

Are you a FIFA 18 fan? If so, are you going to boycott in-game purchases this Black Friday? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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