Subway musicians are a New York City staple. Head down onto one of the hundreds of subway stops in the city, and you will surely be greeted by someone strumming "Here Comes the Sun" or belting out "Lean On Me."

If you're a New Yorker heading home after a long day of work, these people are usually a nuisance you'd much rather just ignore, even if they do sound really good sometimes. But if you let your tough New Yorker guard down for a second, pay attention to them and just listen, something magical can actually happen.

That's exactly what one little girl did, and boy, did she show us just how cynical we've all become. The New York-based band Coyote & Crow captured a little tyke busting a move to their cover of The Grateful Dead's "Me and My Uncle" on the Bedford Avenue subway stop in Brooklyn.

Now this little girl is not only a star in New York, but she's spreading her joy all over the world as this video goes viral. At the time of this writing, it has more than 1.2 million views on YouTube. Not too shabby for a subway performance.

In her little pink coat and light blue galoshes, this little girl just radiates pure, unadulterated joy in what many probably consider the 10th Circle of Hell. In a sea of dark and drab colors — and emotions — in this video, this little girl is an obvious bright spot. Even the coldest of New Yorker hearts can't help but be warmed by her charm.

What's really special about this video is the fact that this little girl is able to inspire some full-sized adults to join her, turning the subway platform into a full-blown dance party. However, my favorite part comes at around the 30-second mark when one woman tries to get a little boy to dance also, and he is not having it. Oh well. Some New Yorkers are too hard boiled to crack.

Check out the full video below, and just try not smile as you watch it.

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