The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 on Verizon's network has started receiving a new software upgrade, getting a new security patch and more treats.

Verizon is not the promptest operator to distribute software updates and the new security patch for the Galaxy Tab S3 proves it. Google issues monthly Android security patches in order to keep devices secure and up-to-date against the latest threats.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Android Security Patch

The latest Android security patch is currently the one for November, with the one for December due to roll out soon. The Galaxy Tab S3 on Verizon, however, is just getting the October security patch on Verizon, so it might be a while before it receives the newer updates.

It's worth pointing out here that Verizon's release notes simply mention the "latest Android security patches," but Phone Arena clarifies that it is, in fact, the October security patch and not the one for November.

Nevertheless, the October 2017 patch will improve the tablet's security and fix a number of critical vulnerabilities found in the Android media framework. At the same time, the upgrade should also include patches for six security exploits pertaining to Samsung's own custom skin on top of Android.

Verizon Galaxy Tab S3 Update Treats

In addition to enhanced security, the latest upgrade for the Verizon Galaxy Tab S3 also brings support for Netflix High Dynamic Range (HDR) streaming, which should allow for a more quality experience.

The Galaxy Tab S3 also had an issue plaguing the fingerprint setup process, and this new update now resolves it. With the new firmware, Galaxy Tab S3 owners should no longer face any issues with the fingerprint setup.

How To Get The Verizon Galaxy Tab S3 Update

The new firmware version for the Galaxy Tab S3 on Verizon is NRD90M.T827VVRU1AQJ3 and is currently rolling out over the air. Verizon has already kicked off the rollout, but OTA releases are making their way to devices in stages and it may take a bit for the update to reach all units. Those who want to get the update OTA should simply ensure that they have automatic updates enabled on their device and accept the package when the update prompt arrives.

Those who don't want to wait around for the OTA package, meanwhile, can access the device's Settings > About > Software Updates and manually trigger the update process if the package is available.

As always, before proceeding with any update, it's recommended to ensure that the device has at least 50 percent battery life left and that it's connected to a stable Wi-Fi network. Downloading and installing the update over a cellular connection may incur extra data charges.

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