Last week, Sony experienced a crippling attack that leaked new and unreleased movies, and personal data of almost all employees online. It was speculated that North Korea may have been involved in the cyberattack due to very public threats they made to retaliate if the studio did not halt the release of the movie, The Interview, about two reporters (Seth Rogen and James Franco) on a mission to assassinate Kim Jong-Un.

As the host of Saturday Night Live over the weekend, actor James Franco, used his opening monologue to address the hacking issue and how it affected his personal life.

The hacking incident was a very serious and troubling matter, he shared. Since information of employed has been leaking out, it will be inevitable that his information, which was stolen, will also eventually make it's way into the world wide web. Therefore, he wanted to reveal his deepest, darkest secrets on his own terms.

His email address is, he begins. His password is 'LittleJamesyCutiePie.'

He is then joined by co-star in many films and good friend, Seth Rogen, who tells him that the cyber attackers exposed so much more about them than they initially thought -- he is horrified to tell Franco that just an hour ago, private photos from their phones were published online.

The pair then go one to show examples of stolen photos. Like their recreation of a famous John Lennon and Yoko Ono portrait:

A selfie of Franco as Rogen puts on a pair of pantyhose, to which Rogen declares, "I was just trying to look slimmer!"

Some photos were more innocent, like this snap of Rogen teaching Franco how to read, an endeavour to which Rogen says Franco is making excellent progress:

Or a stolen shot of Franco as he was sleeping like a baby.

And even their Christmas Card was not spared from the hackers' thieving hands:

Obviously, the pair were taking the cyberattack in good stride and we can't help but chuckle at the two besties shirtless antics. The possible North Korea link has done nothing to dissuade them with the release of The Interview as scheduled.

Meanwhile, North Korea has denied any involvement in the Sony Hacking incident, but says it was a "righteous deed."

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