Today Samsung's C-Lab introduced a handful of its latest projects that will be available for demo at CES 2018 in Las Vegas, NV.

C-Lab typically shares an odd plethora of products each year at different tech shows and 2018 will be no exception. The company revealed three new products that have a health-related feel, with the S-Ray, Relúmĭno and the GoBreath devices.

So, what are these devices and what exactly will they do?


The highlight is a device line being dubbed S-Ray, which is short for Sound-Ray. It is a device that is composed of three different speakers that are to simulate an individual using headphones.

The idea is to have a person listen to music or watch videos while still being able to hear the world around them without having to wear something on their head or in their ears. Aside from keeping the user attuned to the world around them, Samsung is also aiming to reduce ear strain.

The S-Ray line will feature three different speakers, two of which will be small and portable and a single neck speaker, similar to the model Bose and LG made in previous years.

The device will be displayed with the neck speaker around the neck and two smaller, rectangular speakers that can clip to the users clothing.


The next device from C-Lab is the Relúmĭno, which Samsung is creating for the visually impaired. Samsung is making vision correction simple by turning smartphones and Gear VR headsets into devices that can temporarily solve vision problems.

The glasses work in conjunction with a smartphone, utilizing its processors and batteries, which makes Relúmĭno glasses light and comfortable to wear. The smartphone processes images from videos projected through the camera of the glasses and the processed images are floated into the display of the Relúmĭno glasses to help the wearer see things better.

The Relúmĭno app was introduced back at Mobile World Congress 2017 and the Relúmĭno glasses came were developed following that. The glasses will get its power from the smartphone and utilizes the device's processors and batteries. Plus now it is light and comfortable to wear so users can utilize the technology more easily and conveniently.

With these glasses, users will get various modes, which will help people better distinguish the outlines of objects, read by inverting text, moving blind spots, and reducing glare.

Check out Relúmĭno in action in the video below:


The last tease is that of the GoBreath device. This device is aimed at fitness and reflects the increasing trend of smartwatches and fitness trackers. It is geared toward people who have undergone surgery and teaches patients different techniques in breathing.

At CES 2018

If you are headed to CES and want to check out more about these devices Samsung C-Lab will have a booth. The number is 51765~51774 in Sands, Hall G (Eureka Park Marketplace) from Jan. 9 to Jan. 12.

Meanwhile, seven other startups that were a spin-off from C-Lab will also participate in CES, including LINKFLOW, Kitten Planet, Lululab, KIDSOFT, Mangoslab, Innomdle lab and analogue plus.

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