YouTube Vlogger Logan Paul Gains 80,000 Followers After Controversial Suicide Video


Not all is bad in the world of controversial YouTuber Logan Paul following the graphic and inappropriate video of him exploring Aokigahara forest in Japan.

The internet has come down on Paul hard after the release of the controversial video. However, it would seem it hasn't had that much of a negative effect on his viewership or follower base.

Logan Paul Gets More Popular

In fact, the video blogger has actually gained more subscribers. According to the Daily Beast, Paul's subscriber has risen more than 80,000 new followers after his controversial video.

It may be shocking after even more videos have been released that show Paul's trip to Japan was a lot more offensive. Throughout his trip, the YouTuber can be seen running around wearing a traditional Japanese rice hat and robe, throwing stuffed Poké Balls at people and screaming, "I choose you."

He also bought and destroyed a Game Boy Color handheld console and tried to return the item. Also, he kept referring to Tokyo as a "real-life cartoon."

A Japanese YouTuber Reina Scully took offense to Paul's behavior and called his actions unacceptable. However, even after all of that, he has still managed to keep his following high and add even more subscribers.

YouTube personality Philip DeFranco took to Twitter to relay a message that while the video is inappropriate, it would not really harm Paul. It looks like he was right.

What Is The Video In Question?

Earlier this week, Paul posted a video on his YouTube channel titled “We found a dead body in the Japanese Suicide Forest.” The video showed viewers just that.

Paul and his friends can be seen visiting sites in the Asian country, including Aokigahara, which has received the nickname “Suicide Forest,” and is one of the world’s most prevalent suicide sites. In the video, Paul spots a man who had committed suicide by hanging. He and his friends get a closer look and record the entire situation.

After the post hit the web on Sunday, Paul received massive backlash. He ultimately removed the YouTube video a day later on Monday after it garnered 6 million views. He also issued a few different apologies.

In the last video, he expresses his sincerest apology and tries to describe the actions he and his friends expressed during the video. He admits to making a mistake and finishes the video by saying he will do better and he will be better.

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