Beneath its sleek and simplified new exterior, enterprise messaging client TigerText now rests on a back-end foundation that streamlines the enrollment of new employees and serves up meta data to administrators.

The eye of the TigerText app rests squarely on enterprise environments, providing a secure channel of communications between employees. The latest round of updates strives to improve performance and usability, from a now-simplified user interface to an increased battery efficiency.

TigerText's new reporting features deliver meta data to system administrators. While the reporting tools don't harvest message content, they can track the history of communications exchanged between employees.

At Scottsdale Health Partners, the new reporting tools are helping management learn what features are most used and which ones are falling behind, according to CIO Faron Thompson. Knowing what is being used and what isn't can help the organization improve productivity by pushing tools that prove most effective, says Thompson.

"With TigerText's new reporting capabilities, we're able to track messaging activity in real-time to enforce accountability and gain insights from trending data, while staying compliant with our strict industry standards," says Thompson.

Along with the new reporting capabilities, the update gives administrators more control over user groups. As is expected of enterprise-grade software, TigerText now allows administrators to manage user permissions for every level and division of an organization.

On the micro level, users can move between profiles on a single instance as well as between user groups or entire organizations, keeping contacts and messages securely stored in separate silos.

For enterprises looking to adopt TigerText or to expand usage to another department, the app's streamlined on-boarding cuts down steps required to enroll new employees. The app can recognize employees and associate them with their business units, which shaves off some tedium in the enrollment process.

TigerText's latest update also delivers a new low connectivity protocol (LCP), which facilitates a faster message exchange. The LCP also boosts performance in areas where coverage is poor or bandwidth is heavy.

Old, tedious forms of communications are quickly fading away in a landscape that see about 65 percent of U.S. professionals sending and receiving about 24 text messages each day, says Brad Brooks, CEO and co-founder of TigerText.

"Enterprises need to adopt new mobile technologies that are collaborative, instantaneous and offer enterprise-grade security," says Brooks. "TigerText addresses the need for secure workplace communication while also providing transparent access to user analytics."

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