Apple developers started testing beta 6 of both the iOS 11.2.5 and tvOS 11.2.5, seeded this week in preparation for public release next week.

The beta releases have also been made available to public testers, a development that strongly indicates Apple plans to roll out the official updates real soon. The solid bet is a Monday release date next week considering that the two operating systems are in advanced beta stages.

The iOS 11.2.5 is the immediate follow-up to version 11.2.2 of the software, which Apple had issued in response to the Spectre vulnerability. It's unclear why the OS is skipping from 11.2.2 to 11.2.5, but one possibility is that Apple engineers are using the noticeable gap as some sort of a placeholder.

In doing so, there will be available rooms for last-minute insertions of bug fixes.

What's New With iOS 11.2.5, tvOS 11.2.5

The release notes that accompanied the latest beta release showed that the OS bump will bring no cosmetic or noticeable alterations to an updated iPhone or iPad. It's the same case with the tvOS. No front-facing changes have been indicated so far, and that means the two updates will focus on improvements and issue corrections.

It is clear, however, that iOS 11.2.5 will be the sequel to version 11.2.2 that Apple rolled out only last week. As for the tvOS 11.2.5, Apple TVs that were updated to version 11.2.1 last December will be making a leapfrog to the upcoming software.

As for the bug fixes packed with iOS 11.2.5, the update seems to rectify an observed issue on the Messages app. Some users have reported of freezing problem involving the messaging tool on the latest iOS release. It looks like beta 6 of the OS has dealt with the anomaly, indicating the fix will be delivered in time for the official rollout.

Another recipient of enhancements that will come with the iPhone/iPad software update is Siri. The personal digital assistant will be programmed to deliver the latest news sourced from The Washington Post. While this will happen by default on iOS 11.2.5, users can opt to switch and pick from CNN, Fox News, or NPR as their preferred source of news updates.

In addition, Siri will be better integrated with the HomePod speaker, the Apple CarPlay, and headphones so that the bot can better read out the news with mere voice commands. The idea is to make Siri work with as little intervention from users as possible, a feature that Apple first rolled out with iOS 11.2.2 and will be further enhanced for the upcoming software jump.

Apple has indicated that beta testing of iOS 11.2.5 and tvOS 11.2.5 is now open to the public, meaning the updates, while not finalized, can be obtained over-the-air for those enrolled on the beta channel.

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