Facebook is preparing a new Messenger app feature that will reportedly allow users to express their current mood without the need for a post.

The new feature is currently known as "Your Emoji" and is, apparently, being tested as of this writing. Some testers commented that the new function is somewhat similar to WhatsApp status. It works as an overlay that allows users to select a specific emoji that best describes what they are up to. Facebook has yet to confirm when it will become available to the public.

Testing Phase Limitations

Sources noted that its current build is only available under the active tab for the messaging app. Moreover, the testers are allowed to change their respective emojis multiple times to gather data. As of now, the developers did not exactly specify the limitations when it comes to changing status icons.

The final version could enforce a lockout period to keep users from frequently changing their status icons, but it would seem counterintuitive if the user felt a different way after a while.

In an ideal scenario, friends or co-workers can assign certain emojis to represent certain reactions or inside jokes. Users will be free to use all of the currently available icons for creative ways to communicate without the need for text.

Official Confirmation From The Developers

"We're testing the ability for people to add an emoji to their profile photo in Messenger to let their friends know what they're up to or how they are feeling in the moment," according to a spokesperson from the social media platform.

"We're interested to see if people enjoy this feature, but we don't have any additional information to share at this time," the company added.

The Competition Failed For Specific Reasons

Understandably, the Facebook Messenger "Your Emoji" feature requires an online connection. If it does become popular after its release, the developer could potentially expand the function to show up on comment threads or in the messages inbox.

While others might argue that other applications came up with this feature first and have promoted the same on their respective platforms, it turned out unsuccessful due to the limited user base. Facebook, on the other hand, boasts of over 1.3 million active users on its Messenger app.

A Simple Example

An example given by one of the testers noted that a user could open the Facebook Messenger app and spot the "Your Emoji" icon overlay on one of their active friend's profile picture. The emoji applied could be a cocktail icon or even a beer mug, which gives the user a hint that the other person might be down to grab a couple of drinks at the moment.

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