Not everyone gets the science behind evolution. That's why Bill Nye, aka The Science Guy, created this video explaining the concepts of evolution the best way he knows how: with emoji.

Nye, probably one of the world's favorite scientists, made the video in affiliation with Mashable.

Nye became famous in the 90s as The Science Guy with a TV series where he explained scientific concepts to children. Today's children, though, speak a different language, so in this new video, Nye uses the language of emoticons to demonstrate how evolution works, from how we started out as single-celled organisms into the human beings we are today.

"Evolution is the fundamental idea in all of life science, and when you understand it you will know more about yourself and every other living thing on Earth," says Nye. "We are made of atoms that were blasted out of ancient stars, and so we are somehow at least one way that the universe knows itself."

Nye has long been a proponent of evolution and the importance of teaching it in classrooms, in spite of nearly half the country believing that God solely created the world. Earlier this year, he took on creationist Ken Ham in a debate about the subject, a debate that mirrored the ongoing controversy in the U.S. In an AMA Reddit, Nye called evolution an "important issue for the future of the US, and for all humankind."

And, if this video is any indication, Nye still plans on teaching it.

Nye also wrote a book about evolution called Undeniable: The Evolution of Science and Creation.

"There are just things about evolution that we should all be aware of, the way we're aware of where electricity comes from, or that you have cells with mitochondria," Nye says about his reason for writing a book on the topic. "I've just met a lot of people who have very little training in evolution."

Nye is also taking part in General Electric's #EmojiScience on Twitter until 5 p.m. today. Tweet an emoji to @GeneralElectric with the hashtag #EmojiScience for a video of a science experiment.

[Photo Credit: The Watercooler, Mashable]

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