As the Mobile World Congress kicked off on Monday, Feb. 26, McAfee announced a new Alexa skill that allows users to secure their home network using voice commands.

McAfee will play nice with Amazon's popular Alexa digital assistant to make it easier for users to keep their Wi-Fi secure. For those unfamiliar with the concept, Alexa skills are apps that allow Amazon's assistant to integrate with various other devices and services to perform various tasks.

McAfee Alexa Skill

The new McAfee Alexa skill is called the McAfee Secure Home Platform and will enable users to monitor and customize their home network security. Users will be able to rely on voice commands for parental controls and more.

For instance, users could rely on this new Alexa skill if they think neighbors are riding along with their Wi-Fi, or kids are staying online past their bedtime. With a compatible router, users can ask Alexa to check whether unauthorized devices are connected to their network and block them if necessary.

Checking the network's security and taking action is possible entirely via voice commands, without having to open an app or take additional steps. Users can tell Alexa to have McAfee scan their network, see how many devices are connected to the network, block certain devices, or temporarily block internet access for a certain user.

McAfee Security With Alexa

McAfee notes that people now have a slew of connected devices in their homes, and they share a lot of sensitive information with these devices. In this context, security is essential.

New devices such as smart thermostats, home security systems, gaming consoles, and other Internet-connected gadgets could be vulnerable to cyber attacks if they are not properly secured.

"Consumers need to take a proactive stance to moving security beyond the endpoint and into the connected home network," says John Giamatteo, McAfee EVP of the consumer business group.

"With the McAfee Secure Home Platform skill for Alexa, we are giving customers the added convenience of simply managing their home's network security using their voice."

McAfee Alexa Skill Availability

The new Alexa skill from McAfee is already available globally for device makers to integrate into various networking devices, routers, and gateways. For consumers, the skill will become available in the next few months in the United States, with other markets to follow shortly after. Once the McAfee Secure Home Platform skill goes live, customers will be able to find it, enable it, and link it to their account from the Alexa Skills store or the Alexa app.

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