Samsung Integrates ModiFace AR Technology In Galaxy S9/S9+ Camera


For Samsung's upcoming flagship devices, the Galaxy S9/S9+, it has integrated ModiFace Augmented Reality technology into its Bixby platform. Allowing smartphone owners to apply fresh new looks to their live videos.

Samsung Integrates ModiFace AR Technology In Galaxy S9/S9+ Camera

This means Galaxy S9/S9+ owners can do more with Bixby than create notes, shop online, and set important reminders. We sat down with Jeff Houghton, VP of Technology at ModiFace, to discuss its partnership with Samsung.

Samsung approached ModiFace as it has been interested in using the technology for quite sometime. Since Augmented Reality is a major part of Bixby's experience, Samsung found it was the right time to introduce the technology to its wide platform.

ModiFace's Partnership With Samsung

What was it like to collaborate with Samsung on the Galaxy S9/S9+ camera?

"Absolutely amazing! ModiFace was able to bring expertise to Samsung in an area they hadn't explored before," said Houghton.

"With each step and change we made towards a finalized application, you could tell how much and how quickly they learned about a beauty experience users will love. At ModiFace we were able to leverage Samsung's knowledge over the S9 to create a makeup try on that is better than anything on the market," said Houghton.

Beauty And Technology Come Together For Galaxy S9/S9+ Camera

"On this project, more than on any other project, you could really feel beauty and technology come together. For me personally, the most rewarding aspect of the project was having Samsung, ModiFace, and several of the brands we worked with all together in the same room," Houghton told Tech Times.

"We had the expertise of makeup artists with a real product giving direct feedback on how the effects looked on the S9. With Samsung's help, we were able to directly tweak and adjust this experience right in front of beauty industry experts," said Houghton.

Galaxy S9 Will Feature Products From Popular Brands

At launch, the Galaxy S9 will feature different products from multiple brand names, such as CoverGirl, Sephora, and AmorePacific in the United States, in addition to products from AmorePacific in China and Korea.

Galaxy S9/S9+ smartphone owners will be able to try on different shades of lipsticks, eyeshadows, eyeliners, and many more makeup products.

"One of the most exciting features is the ability to try on looks created by makeup artists. You can instantly find products that work great together, whether you are aiming to create a natural casual look, or do something more glamorous for a night on the town. And if you find products you like, you'll be able to buy them quickly and easily," said Houghton.

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