A coyote that was killed after going on a biting spree in the suburbs of New York City was tested positive for rabies, while a second one is still on the loose.

The second coyote, which was seen traveling with the dead coyote, has not yet been captured. However, it is assumed that the animal is also carrying the dangerous disease.

Rabid Coyote Killed In New York City

A coyote that attacked several people and pets in Westchester County has been killed. According to the Yonkers Police Department, it was informed by the Health Department that the animal tested positive for rabies.

The danger, however, has not stopped with the death of the coyote, as it has a partner that has not yet been located.

"The second coyote has not been located yet and is presumed rabid," said the police. Residents in New York City are advised to keep clear from wooded areas, and to remain indoors along with their pets.

The pair of coyotes are believed to have killed a small dog and mauled three sheep at the Muscoot Farm Park, leaving one dead. Locations where attacks and sightings of the coyotes were reported include Yonkers, Hastings-on-Hudson, and Somers. Over a 24-hour period, the coyotes were said to have attacked two people and their dogs, two people riding bicycles, a police officer, and a postal worker.

One of the coyotes was found and killed on the Dunwoodie Golf Course. The animal was tracked using a drone and a helicopter, but the second coyote was not found.

Sightings of rabid animals in the Tri-State area have increased over recent years. Animals carrying the dreaded disease display a variety of symptoms, including aggression, disoriented behavior, and foaming at the mouth. For coyotes, activity during the day may be a sign that they are rabid, as the animals are usually nocturnal.

The Danger Of Rabies

People who were bitten or came in contact with the coyotes should immediately head to the hospital for treatment, as rabies is a very dangerous disease.

Earlier this year, the diseases took the life of a 6-year-old boy from Florida, who was infected with rabies after being scratched by a bat. The boy's father did not take him to receive anti-rabies shots right away, and an experimental technique failed to save the child.

Most of the rabies cases in the United States involve wild animals, so people are warned to stay away from them. In November last year, there were confirmed rabies cases in Arizona's Superstition Mountain area, while in August, a woman was attacked in a New York park by a rabid coyote.

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