MoviePass, the subscription based service that wants to get more people to go to the movie theaters, has revealed the company is always collecting location data from its subscribers, during the Entertainment Finance Forum, last week, according to Media Play News.  

This means the MoviePass mobile application is always tracking its users' location, whether they go to the movie theaters or not.  

"We get an enormous amount of information. We watch how you drive from home to the movies. We watch where you go afterwards," said MoviePass CEO Mitch Lowe. 

A statement that might not make very many feel comfortable about using the subscription based service. 

MoviePass App Privacy Policy

Since it's not a ride-sharing service, the company didn't make it a point to constantly track its users' location data. Even in the app's privacy policy, MoviePass requests to track location data when users go to one specific location, which is a movie theater that supports the subscription service.

"MoviePass® requires access to your location when selecting a theater. This is a single request for your location coordinates (longitude, latitude, and radius) and will only be used as a means to develop, improve and personalize the service," the company wrote in its policy statement

Why MoviePass Is Collecting Location Data

MoviePass's Privacy Policy says nothing about collecting data all of the time. Though, we're not surprised, as the company has briefly mentioned using data for other experiences based on going to the movies. 

MoviePass plans to use the location data to help suggest locations to eat dinner or grab drinks before or after going to the movies. For example, if there's a TGI Friday's nearby, the MoviePass app would suggest ordering appetizers, in addition to alcoholic beverage such as beer or wine. 

If this is true, the company should update its Privacy Policy, allowing users to opt-in or opt-out for the MoviePass app to collect location data on their whereabouts outside of going to the movie theaters.

How To Stop MoviePass From Collecting Your Location Data

Anyone who doesn't feel comfortable with the MoviePass app always tracking their location data can easily turn off. MoviePass app for iOS or Android devices, allows users to change the location setting to Always, Never, or While Using the App.  

We've reached out to MoviePass for more information, but haven't heard back.

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