FitBit has landed itself in hot water again as users of the fitness tracker FitBit Charge complain of skin irritation caused by the wearable.

The incident is eerily similar to issues faced by the company from its release of the FitBit Force. Earlier this year, the San Francisco-based wearable device maker was forced to recall the newly launched smart band after users complained of skin irritation. Has the nightmare before Christmas returned for the company?

Last week, Alyssa Bereznak of Yahoo! reviewed the FitBit Charge and reported that the wearable, which is not supposed to cause skin irritation, did exactly that -- for a week!

"The Charge irritated my wrist so much that I scratched at it throughout the entire week and a half that I wore it. As a result, I developed a mild, unsightly rash. Although the whole thing was too minor to see a dermatologist, it most definitely made me not want to wear it," revealed Bereznak who supplemented her stand with pictures as well.

Interestingly, the redness went away when Bereznak took off the FitBit Charge for a day. After putting the activity tracker back on, the redness returned.

However, James Park, FitBit's co-founder and CEO, says that the skin rashes could be a result of improper hygiene and bad habits. Skin irritation can often occur owing to moisture from sweat and water building up. This may lead to bacterial growth when wearing rings, watches, bands and the like.

"The reactions we are seeing with Charge are not uncommon with jewelry or wearable devices that stay in contact with the skin for extended periods," said Park.

FitBit also acknowledges that it has taken care of the problems facing the FitBit Force by deploying new construction material for the product and, therefore, users should not face an issue with the FitBit Charge.

"We have conducted extensive testing with laboratories and consulted with top dermatologists to develop stringent standards so that users can safely wear and enjoy Charge," revealed Park.

FitBit claims that it has received only a few complaints despite selling "over hundred thousand" FitBit Charge devices. The company also advises that FitBit Charge users keep the fitness tracker dry and clean, as well as wear it a tad loose on the wrist. It is also advisable to give your skin some air to breathe and, therefore, not wear the tracker all the time.

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