SpyParty To Be Available On Steam Early Access On April 12


After a lengthy stay in development limbo, indie darling SpyParty finally confirms its availability on Steam Early Access next week.

Chris Hecker, the game's developer, worked on the game with a small team for over eight years now. The news that it will finally become available after a long time away from the public eye is great news for its fans.

The PC title features a 1v1 espionage gameplay that pits a spy and sniper against each other. Prior to its announcement that it will be on Valve's digital distribution platformSpyParty is exclusively available on its official website.

New Features

Gamers who followed the title's development process noted that its upcoming release will feature a new tutorial mode. It is expected to showcase some of the gameplay elements involved as the sniper or the spy.

Players can learn how to blend in and stealthily perform several missions requirements such as to place bugs, swap items, contact double agent, and seduce a target. As a sniper, gamers must learn to look for clues that reveal which character is the target and take them out before they could complete their mission parameters.

Progress And Showing Off New Places

According to reports from several sources, Hecker is quite excited that SpyParty will be available on Steam Early Access. In some interviews during gaming events, fans pointed out that the developer could be seen excitedly showing off his game's latest development progress.

One of the biggest highlights he wants everyone to know about is the six new maps that will be included for both the Steam version and the original copy downloaded from the official website. It increases the total number of maps featured in-game to 10 and all are currently available now for beta access copies. Moreover, all of these maps will likewise be included when it comes out on Valve's platform next week.

Prior to its latest form, gamers previewed the new locations in its most basic form. Textures were absent and characters had the least amount of details on their models. Most people agree, however, that the completed versions of the six new maps such as the Balcony, Courtyard, Library, Moderne, Gallery, and Terrance are quite detailed and designed beautifully.

Community Support

Another aspect that Hecker is quite proud of is the community of players that support SpyParty. He even hinted that the game's replay mode is quite comprehensive, some gamers suggest it could become an eSport contender in the future.

"At indie scale, you can't make something an eSport," said the developer. "That happens, that's something the players do. I'm putting, obviously, all the stuff in there to make it possible to - I don't even know what an eSport means, at some level, right? But I'm making an intensely competitive multiplayer game."

The unique espionage game SpyParty will officially launch on Steam Early Access on April 12.

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