Philo, The Cheapest Live TV Streaming Service, Is Headed To Apple TV And Amazon Fire TV


Live TV streaming service Philo made its debut last November as the cheapest service of its kind, and it's now headed to the Apple TV and the Amazon Fire TV.

Philo costs just $16 per month, which is extremely affordable compared to other live TV streaming services. To achieve this low price, Philo eliminates sports and news from the mix. For those who don't watch sports or news anyway, this could be the perfect solution.

At the same time, Philo also offers access to the streaming apps for various cable channels such as Discovery, Nickelodeon, or AMC. It's still a skinny-bundle offering, but it's now widening its reach.

Philo Live TV Streaming Service: Compatible Platforms

When it first launched back in November 2017, Philo was only compatible with Roku devices, iOS devices, and or casting via Chromecast or some other Google Cast device connected to the TV.

Considering that rival services cover at least most major platforms, Philo's reach was rather limited. That's about to change pretty soon, as this summer the cheapest live TV streaming service will finally expand to the Amazon Fire TV and the Apple TV.

The company has yet to make a formal announcement, but Philo CEO Andrew McCollum confirmed the good news to CNET. After it reaches these two major platforms, Philo will also get a mobile app for Android users. For now, reaching Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV will mark a significant milestone for the service.

Why Live TV Streaming?

Live TV streaming has been gaining ground in recent years and the trend is growing strong, as increasingly more cord-cutters are seeking more convenient alternatives suitable for their modern lifestyle.

The aforementioned unlocking of various TV streaming apps is an added bonus, especially since many live TV streaming services don't support Apple's TV app, and Philo's $16 per month plan grants access to content that's usually behind a paywall.

AMC, for instance, typically has content protected by a paywall, but Philo subscribers can simply use their login credentials within the AMC app and bypass the paywall.

What Does Philo Offer For $16 Per Month?

At $16 per month, Philo subscribers get access to 37 channels, including BBC America, AMC, TLC, VH1, A&E, Travel Channel, and Lifetime. This is the cheapest bundle, but the service also has a more extensive one at $20 per month, with 46 channels.

Simply put, Philo cuts out news, sports, local channels, and major broadcast networks, to focus on entertainment and affordability. Subscribers can record live TV, set which future content to record, and stream up to three screens in HD at the same time. A seven-day free trial is also available for potential customers who haven't made up their mind yet.

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