As Android Phones Get Notches, Apple Scraps The Design From Its Future iPhones: Report


As manufacturers strive to copy the iPhone X and introduce notches to its flagship smartphones, Apple confirms its plans to remove it from upcoming iPhones.

Ever since the Cupertino tech company revealed their 2017 flagship handset, Chinese manufacturers almost immediately flooded the markets with units designed to look like the iOS device. The company noted that its engineers originally came up with the notch as the only available option, which could house the group of sensors required by some of its features and still maintain a large display-to-body ratio. It actually gave the X an almost-bezel-less appearance and premium appeal.

Information About Apple's New Approach

Some industry insiders have already started to dig up any new details about how the company's designers and engineers will approach the 2019 model's construction. Rumor has it that several suppliers were already approached by the tech firm but nothing concrete was established.

Even though details about the new display such as size, type, resolution, and shape have yet to be confirmed, analysts believe that the component will still be an OLED panel but more rectangular as well as meet the requirements to produce a device that can sport a borderless touch-screen minus the notch.

Face ID And Other Features

When the iPhone X came out, longtime Apple users were surprised by the company's decision to remove the Touch ID sensor and the home button. According to sources, the manufacturer does not plan to sacrifice its Face ID technology just yet. Here lies the problem, which requires the engineers and designers to come up with a way to keep the features intact and remove the need for the notch.

It seems that the Cupertino wants to get rid of the old design as soon as possible since almost every other brand now has a smartphone that looks exactly like the X. Recently released and upcoming flagship models from Asus, OnePlus, Huawei, and others now feature the noticeable cut-out.

A recent report even revealed that Samsung filed a patent for several smartphone designs that all featured a notch on its display.

2019 iPhone Models

Information taken from several sources indicates that Apple has plans to release two models with OLED panels and that uses IPS LCD technology. Earlier this year, insiders from the supply chain claim that a 6.46-inch and 5.85-inch OLED models were on the way. Meanwhile, the IPS LCD model comes in with a 6.04-inch touch-screen. Face ID will be available for all three with a substantially-reduced or no bezel at all.

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