Sad news for Hannibal fans as NBC has replaced Michael Pitt with Joe Anderson for the upcoming season 3 airing of the series. For those unaware, Pitt played the character who goes by the name Mason Verger, a psychopath who mistreated his sister, and also a man who fell for the awesome and sick ways of Hannibal Lecter.

We are greatly disturbed by this news because Pitt did such an excellent job as Mason Verger, and we are not certain that Joe Anderson is capable of walking in his shoes. It would be a real shame if Anderson fails to pull off the character as well as Pitt, because a lot of fans would be disappointed.

According to sources close to the matter, it was Pitt who chose not to return for season 3, though we have to wonder if it had anything to do with money. We know Hannibal is a show with rating problems despite being one of the best series on TV for the past couple of years.

The last time we saw Verger, he was under the influence of Hannibal Lecter, as he knowingly cut and ate his own face. He then proceeded to feed his flesh to Will Graham's many dogs. It was a terrible scene, and that is what we love about the show.

Season 3 should see Verger returning with a need to bring vengeance down on Lecter, but already he has left the country. Furthermore, it is not certain if we will see Will Graham again, though if the showrunners walk in the footsteps of the novels, then he should return, but not in the best state.

The final episode saw Hannibal Lecter getting the better of everyone who wanted to apprehend him, and he did it in such a spectacular form.

Interestingly enough, TV Line is reporting that a new character will be introduced in season 3. The character goes by the name of Cordell, and he's a doctor who is tending to the needs of Verger. He's creepy and very intelligent, and may one day find himself on Hannibal's table.

Season 3 of Hannibal is set to kick off in 2015.

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