Hulu subscribers will be happy to read this piece of news. The video streaming company just enhanced its live television experience.

The TV Guide

On Thursday, May 9, Richard Irving, Hulu's vice president of product, published a blog post that introduced the Live TV guide. Irving wrote that customers would be able to get the new feature search tool if they are subscribed to Hulu's live streaming service. The live TV offering can be used on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Amazon Fire TV's first two generations, and Apple TV's fourth generation and higher.

What Does It Do?

The Hulu Live TV guide comes with several functions. First, it will let users flip back and forth between the channels. Also, it will give users the opportunity to record their favorite shows from the guide, which might remind users of a DVR. The streaming service is also featuring sorting options such as "All Channels" and "Recent Channels."

Where Have I Seen This Before?

The Live TV guide might be familiar to several subscribers. Hulu previously tested out the TV guide on its beta website. The company hopes that the Live TV Guide strengthens the live TV viewership.

"The majority of usage, even in our Live TV product, is on-demand. 54 percent of usage is on-demand and 46 percent of usage is live," said Ben Smith, Hulu's senior vice president and head of experience.

Hulu Corner

In addition to Hulu's announcement regarding the Live TV Guide, it recently renewed The Handmaid's Tale for a third season. The series, which is based on Margaret Atwood's polarizing 1985 book of the same name, takes viewers to the fictional world of Gilead, where it replaced the United States. Due to depleting childbirth rates, fertile women are forced to become Handmaids and have children for their male masters and their wives. The series stars actress Elisabeth Moss, who won the Best Actress Emmy award for her portrayal of June/Offred. Hulu aired the show's sophomore season last month.

Hulu is collaborating with music streaming service Spotify. It is offering a bundle pack deal for students, where they are offering them $12.99 a month for the entertainment streaming services. Individually, Hulu's monthly subscription that contains no commercials cost $7.99 a month, while a Spotify Premium subscription costs $9.99 per month. The bundle will be available this summer.

The Streaming Section

Several of Hulu's close competitors have found themselves in the headlines. YouTube TV announced that it would be charging customers $40 a month for their services. YouTube TV, which has over 300,000 users, focuses on airing some of cable and network televisions' biggest shows. It also allows subscribers to watch premium channels such as Fox Soccer Plus or Showtime for additional fees.

Earlier in 2018, Viacom announced that it would be launching its streaming service in the United States later this year. The media company might bring content from some of their cable networks such as MTV, Nickelodeon, and Comedy Central. It is also contemplating adding material from Paramount and Paramount TV.

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