The Overwatch Anniversary Event 2018 is now online, with 11 new skins, three new dance emotes, and a Deathmatch map.

The annual event will run until June 11, giving Overwatch players about three weeks to collect the new cosmetic items that are up for grabs.

Overwatch Anniversary Skins 2018

New Overwatch skins are always popular among players, and that trend remains the same with the Anniversary Event 2018.

Here are the Overwatch Anniversary Event skins that have been released for this year:

Epic: Lucio's Bitrate

Epic: Tracer's Lightning

Epic: Soldier: 76's Venom

Legendary: Junkrat's Buccaneer

Legendary: Torbjorn's Cybjorn

Legendary: Orisa's Forest Spirit

Legendary: Doomfist's Formal

Legendary: Symmetra's Magician

Legendary: McCree's Sherlock

Legendary: Brigitte's Shieldmaiden

Legendary: Bastion's Stealth

Orisa's Forest Spirit and Symmetra's Magician stand out from the rest of the pack due to the immense amount of detail on both skins. Orisa looks very much like a mystical creature with the wood and leaf design, while the laser-projected arm of Symmetra and her likeness to the DC Universe character Zatanna is winning over Overwatch players.

Overwatch Anniversary Event 2018: What Else Is Included?

This year's Anniversary event rolls out more than just new Overwatch skins, as there are a total of 60 new items. In terms of cosmetic loot, the update also introduces dance emotes for Doomfist, Moira, and Brigitte, the last three heroes added to the Overwatch roster.

Also being added with the launch of the Overwatch Anniversary Event 2018 is Petra, a new free-for-all Deathmatch map, joining the Chateau Guillard map in the new competitive Deathmatch mode. Petra is modeled after an excavated city, and features several indoor and outdoor areas. There are also multiple tiers to the map with broken bridges, with jump pads that can send heroes to greater heights without having to climb the ruins.

The Overwatch Anniversary Event 2018 also brings back brawls from past seasonal events. For the first week, the events are Lucioball on May 22, Junkenstein's Revenge on May 23, Snowball Offensive on May 24, Yeti Hunt on May 25, Uprising on May 26, Retribution on May 27, and Lucioball again on May 28.

Overwatch players will be able to earn Anniversary loot boxes as they play. However, just by logging in while the annual event is still running, players will be given a Legendary Anniversary loot box, which contains at least one legendary item. The special loot box may also hold loot from past events and classic content, so the legendary item will not be limited to the ones in this year's Overwatch Anniversary Event.

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