In keeping with privacy-oriented GDPR rules that take effect May 25, Apple has revealed a new privacy portal that allows users to download all personal data associated with their Apple ID.

Users can download data about their activity on the App Store, iTunes Store, iBooks Store, and Apple Music. Data about your activity at Apple's online and physical retail stores are also available, including repairs users have requested and their AppleCare support history. Users can also download all iCloud data, including photos, bookmarks, reminders, calendars, and other documents.

The ability to download user data is available only to those in the European Union at the moment, as well as those in Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland.

However, 9to5Mac reports Apple is preparing to roll out this feature to all users worldwide. Non-EU users can still request for data corrections or deactivate their Apple ID.

How To Download A Copy Of Your Apple Data

To download a copy of your Apple data, head to and click "Obtain a copy of your data." Choose "Get started" and tick the checkboxes next to the data options you want to download. There is a separate section for Mail, Drive, and Photos because the files may be significantly larger.

Next, select a file size. Apple will separate your data into 1 GB to 25 GB increments to make it easier for you to download. All files will be available in formats that are compatible with other cloud drives.

You will need to wait up to seven days for Apple to verify your request and provide your data.

How To Delete Your Apple ID

Users outside the EU can still have their Apple ID deactivated or deleted if they want to. Note, however, that these cuts you off entirely from the Apple ecosystem of products and services. For instance, you will no longer be able to access your App Store, iTunes, and iBooks purchases or use iCloud services such as FaceTime, iMessenger, and Apple Pay. If you have appointments scheduled at an Apple Store or support cases with AppleCare, all those will be removed as well.

Deactivation does not mean Apple will permanently delete your data. It will just prevent everyone, including you, from accessing it unless you decide to re-activate. To remove all your Apple data from the company's servers forever, you need to delete your Apple ID.

To delete your Apple ID, head to the privacy portal and choose "Delete your account." Click the "Get started" link and read the conditions thoroughly and sign the terms and conditions. Apple will verify all deletion and deactivation requests to keep users safe from abuse.

Photo: Michael Coghlan | Flickr

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