Snapchat is preparing to increase its relationship with developers as it begins to release a new platform that would increase users.

Introducing The SnapKit

Media outlet TechCrunch noted that Snapchat is launching the SnapKit and is looking to offer developers the opportunity to "login with Snapchat." In addition to logging in, Snap Inc. is also providing software creators the chance to use several of its tools, including access to the Bitmoji avatar.

Other sources stated that Snap Inc. is open for third-party developers to incorporate a version of Snapchat's camera tool into their apps. The camera tool would also come equipped with pre-made augmented reality features. This maneuver could save app developers time and money as they would not have to create AR features from scratch.

Risks And Rivals

Launching SnapKit could be risky for the social media company. By inviting third parties to use the SnapKit, it might mean that the organizations have access to user data. Snap Inc. would also have to persuade their partners that they would be able to have more opportunities to use company tools over several of their rivals such as Facebook and Google.

Several media outlets reported that Snapchat struggled against Facebook. The Mark Zuckerberg-founded social media company found success through cloning Snapchat's Stories. In addition to Facebook, both WhatsApp and Instagram have their version of stories. Also, Mashable reported that Messenger is looking to replicate Snapchat's "shoppable" lenses.

Snapchat Updates

Snap Inc. developers updated the social media app to appease the 1.2 million users who voiced through a petition their outrage regarding the first redesign. The controversial changes were initially made to the app's iOS version. The new layout returned both the Chats and Snaps features to chronological order. It also allowed Stories to occupy the right-hand side of the screen.

Media outlet Digiday revealed that the social media company had announced that it would begin testing six-second unskippable ads. These ads were part of Snap Inc.'s plan to generate revenue for the app. The company noted that the ads were not in either users' personal stories page or the Discover section. The ads would involve several original Snapchat shows.

Earlier this year, Snapchat added a Do Not Disturb feature onto the app. If users do not want to see any messages from a group or individuals, they can tap and hold on their icons. The people that users have muted are not blocked, and users can remain with the group.

Tech Times reached out to Snap Inc. for a comment on this story. They declined to comment.

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