'Fallout: New Vegas' Prequel Mod 'Fallout: New California' Release Date Set For October


Fallout: New California, the long-awaited prequel mod for Fallout: New Vegas, will finally launch in October after five years in development.

The announcement of the Fallout: New California release date comes after Bethesda's teaser for Fallout 76, the next game in the post-apocalyptic RPG franchise that will be showcased at the upcoming E3 2018.

'Fallout: New California' Release Date Unveiled

Fallout: New California, a total conversion mod for 2010's Fallout: New Vegas, is set to launch on Oct. 23, five years after the team behind the project, Radian Helix Media, started working on it.

Fallout: New California, set in 2260, will serve as the unofficial prequel to Fallout: New Vegas. The brand-new story starts in Vault 18 in Los Angeles, where the player's character is an adopted resident. Upon emerging to the surface, players will discover a three-way war between the Survivalist Army, the New California Republic, and the Super Mutants. The story will offer 12 different endings and 16,000 lines of voice dialogue.

Fallout: New California, which started out as Project Brazil, was initially targeted to be released before 2015's Fallout 4. It now appears that Radian Helix Media is now looking to beat the launch of Fallout 76.

Before its October launch, players will be able to sign up for the Fallout: New California beta in July. According to the development team, the features and art assets of the Fallout: New Vegas mod are already complete, but it will take a few more months for all the side quests to be included in what is essentially a Fallout fan-made game.

While the new Fallout mod is long delayed, at least it is still happening. The Capital Wasteland project, which looked to remake Fallout 3 as a Fallout 4 mod, was canceled in March.

'Fallout 76' At E3 2018

Gamers still in love with Fallout: New Vegas may finally relish the nearing launch of Fallout: New California. Gamers who have moved on to Fallout 4, however, may be looking ahead to Fallout 76.

Bethesda recently rolled out a teaser trailer to confirm Fallout 76 as the next Fallout game. With a tagline of "our future begins," Bethesda may be hinting at a future wherein the survivors start crawling out of their vaults after the Earth was ravaged by a nuclear war.

Not much is known about Fallout 76, aside from the fact that it will be present at E3 2018. The annual video game event will run from June 12 to June 14 in Los Angeles, California, but Bethesda will already reveal more Fallout 76 details at its E3 press conference on June 10.

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